My First Grader
Lazy Days


I bought these dish towels back in January at Anthropologie with the full intent of making them into summer skirts for the girls.


Today I finally did it.  I cut the towels in half lengthwise and stitched up the sides.  I then made a casing out of fabric from my stash and attached it to the towel making little hand pleats along the way.  I tried gathering, but the towel was a little bulky.  I pulled some elastic through the casing and voila, skirts!




AHHH! So cute! I have used Anthropologie dishtowels for pillows, patchwork, and other things, but this is genious!


Wow - super creative and crafty! I bet the girls love them. Now I'm wondering if a towel could make it around my not-so-teeny hips!


Holy busy, girlfriend ... clearly, i have to visit everyday, cause every day you are doing something so great! Love the skirts ...


OK, I'm _loving_ this idea. How did you do it? I need specifics. Well, _need_ might be a little strong, but I don't think I'm nearly as crafty as you. Like Sulu said, I want to figure out how to do this for myself, a full-grown adult. Obviously it will take more than one towel.... Anthropologie's current options are so cute! I can see myself wearing more skirts in the future....

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