Rain, Rain Go Away

Adding to my to do list

Over the weekend I picked up this book:


As I have said before, I am not big on making my own clothes.  Mostly this has to do with the fact that they don't turn out like I had hoped.  This book may change all that.  It is well written and very easy to understand.  The illustrations are like eye candy - they make me want to sew up a storm! 

Wendy uses three basic patterns - one for a skirt, one for a shirt, and one for pants - and then shows you how to make variations on the basic shape.  She gives lots of good ideas for embellishing, trimming, altering these designs to make them your own.  Just take a look at these...


I love that plaid!  And although I wouldn't be caught dead in a mini, I would definitely consider lengthening this denim one that is trimmed in bias tape.


I live in t-shirts, but this blouse is speaking to me!

Although I would love to jump right in, I think I will have to wait.  I may get some muslin and play around until I figure out exactly what I want to do.  Too many projects, too little time! 



I've heard so much great stuff about this book - it sounds right up your alley. Have fun with it (when you can find the time to)!


ooh i have been wanting to check this book out - may have to pick it up. looking forward to seeing what you do with it. (and thanks for the bday wishes!)

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