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Happy Hump Day

I'm celebrating - we have made it half way through the school week.  Phew!  Jane was out of school at noon so the girls and I went to the library for story time this afternoon.  At our local branch, there are two children's librarians - one is nice and easy going; the other one, not so much.  Of course, today was the other one's turn.  So frustrating!  She can't handle kids being kids - if they don't sit still and follow her directions exactly (god forbid, they might interrupt without raising their hands!), she gets all serious and talks to them in a stern voice.  And this is a story time for 3 to 5 year olds!  Enough venting.  The girls seemed to have fun (I didn't) so it wasn't a lost cause.

After that we went to the park to meet up with our old playgroup buddies.  The rains have finally stopped and there was a nice breeze - the perfect early fall day.  My kiddos spent time doing what they love best.


Jane swinging....


...and Kate climbing.

Still working on the circles - had to cut 13 more this morning.  I think the end is near!  I know Serena hopes it is near!



Ugh. Unfriendly children's librarians are the worst! At least the girls didn't seem to notice. I'm growing more and more curious about these circles. Can we see a work in progress photo? Pretty please?

kevin burke

The girls look happy.

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