A little bias


Susan and I are doing a little swap.  When I saw these Sulu Design earrings, I had to have them.  In return, Susan is getting a patchwork belt.  Here is a sneak peek...going in the mail tomorrow!


In other news, we have a bathroom remodel that isn't going quite right, a first grader who is a little needy, and a very stubborn four year-old.  Fatty is out of town so I am fending for myself in the parenting department, too.  Add to that a big whack I took on the head today and the even larger headache.  Oh jeez - it's only Monday.  Thank goodness I have the package from Susan to look forward to!

ooops....just noticed that the title of this post is almost the same as one i saw earlier this week.  it obviously made an impression on me.  credit for originality goes to six and a half stiches. my bad.



Oh, joy! Your post has me so excited! I hope things in the House on Hill Road go a bit more smoothly tonight. Sounds like things are a bit crazy. I love the "stubborn four year-old" link! Be assured - the belt can wait while you take care of family. I've been holding my pants up for thirty years now - a few days more won't kill me!

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