I Heart Fall
Rain, Rain Go Away

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

dropped off consignment items, grocery shopped, did the laundry, went to Lowe's, mowed the lawn, painted wainscoting, bathed kids, made dinner, put the kiddos to bed...


...rewarded my self with a glass of wine and watched season premiers of Boston Legal (on TiVo) and Grey's Anatomy with Fatty.  Soooo good!

went to the grocery (again), paid the bills, ate lunch with Jane at school, played soccer mom to 4 four year-olds, went to Lowe's (again), came home to craft...


And because one Olive is not enough, I am making two.


who knows?  Probably more painting and hopefully some family fun.  Definitely a date with my hubby...dinner and a movie, I think.  Praying for no more trips to Lowe's.  Happy weekend to all!



wow - you get a lot accomplished. or maybe it just helps to write it all down at the end of the day to see what got done....

anyway - i also rewarded myself w/grey's anatomy last night. sadly, i think it was the highlight of my week!


The Olive pieces are so cute in their current state - I can't wait to see them put together. I'm hoping to catch Little Miss Sunshine this weekend, too. Have a fabulous time!


Wow, you got a lot done. Those trips to Lowe's do seem to come in pairs don't they?
A fellow Boston Legal watcher. Isn't William Shatner a riot on that show? I never liked him and was sure I wouldn't like the show because he was on it, but I love Denny Crane!

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