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Flapper Hats


The weather is conspiring against me.  I have finally finished the flapper hats and it is 75 degrees and sunny!  I am not complaining, not a bit - it is so beautiful outside it kills me to have to be inside waiting for the plumber to show.  Hopefully he will come soon and then we can head to the park.


Back to the hats!  I love, love, love how they turned out.  Not only am I thrilled with the results, I really enjoyed knitting them, too.  They were easy, fast and inexpensive (!).  Sarah's pattern is extremely well written and easy to follow.  The provisional cast on almost scared me away, but because Sarah was kind enough to include video links in her post, after I watched how it was done, I knew that this was a project for me.


That provisional cast on is easy!  You use a length of waste yarn that you later take out to free up your original stitches.  Then you knit the facing back into the body of the hat - no tedious sewing required.  How cool is that?  No seams, either, because it is knit in the round.  Yippee!


For Kate's (the pink one), I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (yes, again!).  I really like the softness of this yarn.  Unfortunately, one skein ($8 at my local yarn store) is approximately 90 or so yards so I had to buy a second ball.


Jane's (the orange one) is knit out of Rowan Cashsoft DK that I bought at Purl in NYC.  It is a similar weight to the Cashmerino Aran, but the yardage was closer to 150.  At $8.50, it was a better deal.


Do you see that wonky blanket stitch?  I know that it is not my strong suit so I probably should have practiced before I attached the flowers.  Oh well.  It gives them character, right? 



These are really wonderful and your girls look adorable in them.


lovely blanket stitch--wouldn't want them to be too perfect. ;)

adorable, adorable hats!


Lovely hats! I like the way the flowers turned out, and your color selections are fabulous. Kate with that dimple and Jane with her little kid smile - what cuties you have!


Oh I wish I could knit!! These are precious.


Thanks for all your kind words about my pattern, Erin. Your hats turned out great! Excellent job!

I know from looking at my blog's traffic that a fair number of people have visited for the pattern but your hats are the first I've seen other than my own. It's pretty thrilling, really.

And yes, what is up with the weather? I was in the upper sixties here today but the high for tomorrow is predicted to be 35. Poor Lola is going to have to wear a winter coat over her Dorothy dress. Woe she will be.


Those are adorable! And the felt flowers are the perfect embelishment. They make me want to make some ;-)


Ahhh! They are so cute that now I just have to make one!!


(commenting on an old post as I read through your archives!) Have you ever looked at www.littleknits.com for the casmerino?? They often have Debbie Bliss yarns at around 50% off.

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