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New York was great! So fun - everything I had anticipated and more.  I didn't take my camera along so I don't have any photos to share (Dumb of me, I know!).  I did make many little purchases and most of them are craft-related.  Here is smattering of fabrics I picked up at Purl Patchwork...


What a store!  It's itty-bitty, but because of the limited space, they only have the best.  Really, everything they have is sooooo nice.  It was hard choosing - I had to restrain myself.  There was so much more I wanted!  I am happy with my choices, though.  Looks like there will be some more of those patchwork belts in my near future.

My blog posting may be spotty this week - please bear with me.  I made some other purchases that I would like to share, but I came home to a full in-box, so to speak.  Mail, email, voice mail, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, costumes are all waiting to be tackled.  And then there's that sleep thing - I need to devote some extra hours to that, too.  I'll be back soon - hopefully tomorrow, but Wednesday at the latest.



Ooooh - fun fabrics! I'm so glad that you scored at Purl (how could one not?), and your weekend sounds great. The blog world will be understanding of your absence - tend to your tasks and we'll see you soon!


Sorry - back with another comment! I was just reading a friend's blog - -
and she posted about purl's on-line journal, which I thought you'd like (and may already know about). In case you haven't done so already, check out - I think it may be right up your alley.


oh, yes. purl is a dangerous, dangerous place! :)

glad you had fun in nyc!


I am drooling over those fabrics! Now go get some rest!!!

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