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One ball at a time

After some much needed sleep, I am starting to feel better.  A trip to the doctor's confirmed my suspicions - a sinus infection.  Thank goodness for the z-pack!

Besides sleeping, I have been knitting...


I swear that the ladies at my local yarn store must laugh when they see me coming.  They are thinking something like, "Oh, here's that lady who only buys the cashmerino aran one ball at a time."  Followed by, "At least her kids aren't with her."   I have now made five separate trips and have purchased six balls of yarn!  It hasn't been time efficient at all, but it is so satisfying to walk in and browse.  It is also helpful that the store is only a few blocks away.

Fatty's hat is complete and I have one project on the needles with three more small ones to come.  This small project knitting is so portable - I have been doing it in the carpool line, on airplanes and while watching TV.  It's easy to pick up and knit a row or two and then put down until I have a few stolen minutes.  Speaking of which, it's time to pick up Jane from school.



The flapper hats are ADORABLE! I assume they're for the girls, but if you're making three... perhaps one is for you? I hope you feel even better once the medication kicks in and you get a bit more sleep.

Blair and Peter Stocker

So sorry about your sinus infection. My entire family was so sick with that one Christmas, we joked about giving z-packs as stocking stuffers. Be well. Love that white and blue together!


Send me a picture once you've finished your Flapper Hats. I'd love to see them. Hmmmm. Maybe I should start a Flickr group.

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