The Letter H
Two steps forward, one step back

Work In Progress

Jane:  Mom, I got some mail!

Me:  Great!

Jane:  Read it, please.

Me:  OK.  Oh, it's a Halloween party at N's house.

Jane:  Yay! (lots of jumping and high-pitched shrieking)  When?

Me (scanning the invitation):  Um, tomorrow?  Yeah, tomorrow. (Panic starts to set in)

Jane:  Do I wear my costume?

Me (wishing I could lie): Yes, you CAN, but you DON'T HAVE TO, wear a costume.

Jane:  Uh, you'd better get sewing.

Me:   I think you're right.


Looks like it's going to be a long night.  At least I already have this much done.  And thank goodness Kate wasn't invited!  I'd really be screwed then.



Ha! I farmed the costume sewing out to my mom. I'm neither experienced nor accomplished when it comes to garment sewing. My mom on the other hand is. Lola's Dorothy costume arrived in the mail today. I'd loan it to you but I don't think it'd get there by tomorrow. May your evening be productive and your sewing be flawless.


Nothing like a little "deadline" to get a project in gear, huh? I hope it all turned out well - the piece you've pictured looks fabulous. I keep thinking about how much your daughters will treasure all of the wonderful things you've crafted for them, especially several years down the road.

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