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Let the games begin

Three out of the four members of our family have birthdays in the next 3 weeks - everyone, but me.  Kate is up first so we spent the day making favors for her party.




Ta da!  Soap!

We had a great time making these letter soaps.  I melted the glycerin blocks in the microwave, Kate chose the colors, mixed them up and I poured the hot liquid into the molds.  The best part?  It is super easy to clean up afterward.  Just use water!  Tomorrow we are finishing off the goody bags and then Saturday is party time.  She can barely wait!



What an awesome idea for favors. Have a great time at the party!


such a cute series of photos for this post - adorable!


This is our family in the spring, but we ALL have birthdays. And Mother's day. And a million other extended family birthdays. Fun times.


What a *great* idea !!
I will have to try and remember this one for future reference - looks fabulous !


Do you freeze the mold after you pour the soap into it or do you leave it out over night to get hard or both?


Where can I find glycerin blocks? How long do you heat them?
Awesome craft!


where did you find the great letter molds???

Erin | house on hill road

Hi Robin - They are from the old Martha Stewart catalog, Martha by Mail. I am not sure where you might be able to find them now. Erin

Account Deleted

We have those same molds and I love them!! Way to go!


HI! I was wondering where you go the ABC molds for the soaps?
Thanks so much!

Erin | house on hill road

They are from the old Martha-by-Mail catalog which is no longer in business. I've had them for a long time, maybe 8 years. Maybe try a google search? Wish I could give you more information.


Thanks Erin! Ive been trying to find them, but can only find small letters. Ill keep searching. Thanks again!

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