They say it comes in threes
In a frenzy


Who doesn't like a good swap?  I returned home on Saturday to find this in my mailbox:


This gorgeous felted poppy pin was made for me by Sarah.  Not only did she make this for me, she is kind enough to share her pattern.  You can find it here.  When I first saw it on her site, I knew it would look great on my black and white check winter coat.  But the more I thought about it, I knew that it would be even better on my very own flapper hat.


I knit this in the car while traveling to Chicago for Thanksgiving.  Once again, I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino that yarn!  And like the others, this one knit up fast and easy.  Woo hoo!  It is the best color green and fits perfectly.


I was right - they were made for each other.  Thanks Sarah!  You've got me smiling!



its nice to see you smiling. sounds like a rough past few days. keep your chin're right, the flower was made for the hat!!!!


I'm so glad you like the pin. It looks fantastic on the hat (love the green!). Hope both keep you smiling as you weather the next few days.


How cute! The flower looks perfect for that hat. I think I want to learn to knit just to make a hat. Ava received a cute little knitted hat, which we've now lost. That was the first real hand knit thing I've seen in person and I'm so sad that we no longer have it.


A match made in heaven! The pin is beautiful, and I'm so impressed with your hat - you did such a nice job with the detail at the edge.


Loving that hat pattern. The edge detail is beautiful and the flower is the perfect touch.

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