Let the games begin

WIP::all over the place

I am feeling very scattered today - my mind is going in ten different directions and every surface in this house is covered with something.  Here's a peek:


I made envelopes for the soap out of wax paper (bad idea - it doesn't sew very well) and got some stickers made on the xyron before my adhesive roll ran out.  Ugh.


Some shirts waiting to be appliqued.


A pile of fabrics that I have been fussing with and editing every time I walk by.


And this mountain of clothes that just keeps getting larger - it just never ends.

Here's hoping for works completed.



it will all come together - i promise!


So many WIPs, so little time! The soaps and envelopes are really cute. And I'm curious as to what will become of the fabric pile.


My mountain of clothes beats your mountain of clothes!

Blair and Peter Stocker

I'm more than sure I have more surfaces covered than you do, my dear.

And I love your new banner too! : )

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