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Today is Jane's birthday!'s hard to believe it has been seven years.  She started out so tiny - 4 pounds, 13 ounces - and now she is so big.  So big!  She is my sweet girl - really, she is so nice.  She is helpful and considerate, thoughtful and kind.  She looks just like her daddy, but has her mommy's creative side.  She is a great artist and, unlike me, she can carry a tune.  She is funny and good with the puns.  Her smile melts my heart - it is full of genuine, childhood innocence.  She is at such a lovely age, I wish I could bottle it and put it on the shelf so I would always have her as she is right now.  Wishful thinking, I know.  Oh, I love this little girl like no other.  Happy Birthday Sweet Jane!



amy h

Happy birthday to Jane!

So far, I have loved every phase and age of my 18-month-old, wanting to hold onto just how she is at the moment. It sounds like that continues -- good to hear!


Happy birthday to Jane! What a sweet tribute to your daughter. Hope the celebrations are fantastic!


Happy Birthday Jane! Wishing you many many more!!!


happy birthday, sweet jane!


what a cutie! happy happy day to jane!!!


Time sure flies! What a cute baby (and kid)!


Happy Belated Birthday sweet Jane! I hope it was wonderful!

Alicia A.


Look at her grin. She's a doll (at both ages!)


So sweet! Happy birthday to Jane!!

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