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Merry Christmas

Hands Off Crafting

In an effort to keep the girls busy so I could get some stuff done, I set them up with some of their own crafts today.  This one was a big hit at the Brownies meeting a couple of weeks ago, so I pulled out the leftovers and Jane showed Kate what to do.

What you need:  styrofoam craft balls, fabric scraps (cut into strips), straight pins, sequins and ribbon.


You start by wrapping the fabric around the ball and securing it by pushing a pin through a sequin.  Jane did this with no problem.  Kate need some help wrapping the fabric.


When one fabric strip is finished, start using another one and wrap in the opposite direction.  My girls like the sparkles so the more sequins, the better!  When you've covered the ball and are finished embellishing, add a ribbon to hang it.


The best part?  My plan worked - the girls were busy for at least an hour.  And I only had to add the ribbon. The rest they did on their own!  Jane even went back later and came up with this "doll."


Pretty great, huh?

As for me, I am still crafting.  And cleaning.  Then crafting some more.  With a little shopping thrown in to spice it up.  The to do list is long, so I am going to take a little blogging break.  See you all in a couple of days!



going to be using that craft tomorrow with my girlies home from school! thank you very much!!


Great idea!


Love the doll! What a neat idea. I will have to try that after school today with my kids. Hopefully my son will jab the pins in the styrofoam and not his sister! I wonder if buttons would work as I don't have any sequins on hand? I will give it a try.
Have a great Christmas!


Looks like you and I were on the same "let's make christmas ornaments to keep the kiddies happy" wavelength. Love the way yours turned out.


Merry Christmas to you Erin. Those are lovely, must remember that for next year. Enjoy and relax!


A friend of mine was making these with her kids before the holidays. Her 6 year old daughter made a VERY similar one with a face and hair like your daughter's that she gave to our son for his 4th birthday in December! The likeness is pretty incredible!


oooh ... i love this. Now, how to remember this for next year????

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