Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String
All in a day


Did you see my new banner?  If not, clear your cache and refresh.  Those little guys are smokers.  I consider them cousins to the Nutcracker.  I may be wrong, but I think they are German.  At least that is where mine are from.  My mom has been giving one to my brothers and I for many Christmases now.  The ones in the banner are only part of my collection.  I love taking them out of the boxes and lining them up on our mantle each year.


This little Santa is one of the older ones.  I love his eyes - they have character.  All of these smokers can burn incense, too.  If you take the top half off, there is a little metal disc to put incense on.  Pop the top back on and smoke comes out of the mouth.  The girls are very concerned about this.  I tell them they are right, smoking isn't good for you, but don't worry, these guys are made of wood.

We have a couple other Christmas collections.  I will share those as soon as the light allows me to get some decent photos.  Happy Wednesday!



I'm so glad that you told us to refresh - your banner is great. What a collection! The pinecone guy is particularly cute.


those are so great! my dad mentioned once that he likes nutcrackers, so now everybody gets him nutcrackers (he's really hard to buy for) Now my parents have an army of nutcrackers that come out to decorate the fireplace every year.

I have to say, though, that these "cousins" are waaaay cuter. You're right about those expressions--they're great!


Love your smokers! I just got out our Christmas ones - great fun!


I was at a BBQ a couple of days ago and talking to a woman about her German Xmas decorations. She was describing these smoking incense dolls to us.. and now I have seen some! I think they are even cuter than the nutcrackers.


Yes, they are German. We have one too that my mom got for us. Very nostalgic since I spent my first Christmases in Germnay!


I came across your blog today and couldn't help but comment on the smokers. Yes, they are German. I bought a few when I lived in Germany.

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