Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

When I thought things couldn't get any worse....


This is my entry for November's Tie One On.  I made this apron (along with 9 others) for my local spring craft swap.  I loved it so much, I couldn't give it away.  So now, it's mine for keeps!

November's theme was to submit a picture of you wearing an apron and send it along with a favorite holiday recipe (check them out here).   Easy, peasy, I thought.  Well, as always, time got the best of me and I submitted on the last day.  Jane snapped this photo of me in front of one of our trees.  Not bad, huh?

The plan was to have two trees this year:  our standard one with white fairy lights and all the glass and Christopher Radko ornaments I have collected and then a second with the big, old fashioned bulbs, paper chains, popcorn strings and all the wood and handmade kid ornaments including the ones I made as a child.  Did you notice that I said plan?

Here are photos of the two trees now:


Beautiful, fancy glass ornament tree


Old-fashioned, homespun second tree

Yup - thwarted again!  The more kid-friendly version fell.  FELL.  RIGHT AFTER WE HAD PUT ALL THE ORNAMENTS ON.  I know you can picture it....toppled tree, broken glass bulbs, water everywhere, two completely stunned kids, one hysterical woman and one man totally fixated on the water and wood floor combination.  Then it was a long clean up process with lots of tears (mine).  Many of my childhood ornaments broke as did a couple of the girls'.  I am sentimental about those kinds of things hence more tears.  So I pitched it - threw the tree out into the yard and washed my hands of the whole deal.  We had a crap week (found out Friday about another friend's husband dying) and I need it to be over.  Really the black cloud that is hanging over our house needs to move on.

But I got the birthday stuff done.  And the party went well.  Jane was happy.

I still haven't finished the ornaments, though.  But I will.  Today.  In the mail today.



The same tree falling incident happened to my neighbor on Friday night, a half hour before the party she was hosting! She too lost some treasured ornaments, but was able to pick that sucker right back up and decorated before everyone showed up.


those times can be so hard. a tree falling over and breaking priceless bubls...after a week like yours...it just gets to be too much. keep you head up babe.


Whoa - what a week! I hope this one is starting out a little better for you. Your apron is smashing, though, if that's any consolation. Here's to a good Tuesday.


oh erin I'm so sorry--expecially about the ornaments you lost. But the tree still standing is absolutely gorgeous. As is the apron--LOVE that print.

hope your week is already getting better!


Oh no! I've had that happen, though it was my cat knocking the tree over. Now I have a sturdy fake tree.

Your apron looks great - I love that fabric!

amy h

What a week! I hope the coming days are a little better.


man. sorry about your crappy week. but your single tree looks great and your apron is so awesome.
hope you're doing better soon....and i hope tossing that tree out into the yard was totally therapeutic!


So sorry about your rough week. I think there was something in the air... we had a crappy one here too. This means we're due for a great week, right?

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