Some progress


A little bit of everything today.


I am a little late to the party, but here I am anyways.  De-lurking, you might say.  I invite you all to do the same....come on out and play.  Let me know you are out there!


Erin and Jane also tagged me.  So I need to come up with 6 weird things about myself....

1.  I don't like gravy or goopy sauces.  No Hollandaise or Bearnaise for me.  Hold the mayo and sour cream, too.

2.  I am blind in my left eye.  When I am tired, it "hangs" or doesn't track as well.  Sometimes people don't think I am looking at them.

3.  I was a History major in college, but I do not enjoy non-fiction unless it reads like a novel.

4.  To go to sleep, I have to move around in bed until everything is just right.  Sometimes I am moving a lot.  My college roommate Karen aptly named this issue "dog problems."

5.   I love to read, but I do not choose most of my books.  Fatty does that for me and I like it this way.  Same thing goes for music.  He buys, he loads my ipod, I listen.

6.  I consider popcorn a completely suitable and somewhat nutritious dinner.

Phew....I had a difficult time coming up with six things.  In fact, I asked for help.  Funny thing is, Fatty and I thought of the same things with the exception of my love of brussels sprouts.  He thinks that is weird - I don't.

Um, I sometimes break the rules....I am not tagging anyone else.  Feel free to play along if you'd like!

And, it's time for a wee blog break.  When you can't find the zipper foot or button shank foot (I have never used it, but it IS missing) or your favorite black layering tank, it's time to clean the sewing room and other closets.  I am not sure how long it'll take.  I will be back sometime next week.  Hope the weekend is good to you!



So good to know you a bit better! Enjoy your break - get reorganized and all, and enjoy the weekend.

jen t

Love your blog, its one of my favorites...found you through pixiegenne a while back.
For the record I love brussels sprouts and I think I could live on popcorn sometimes.


Thanks Erin. It is funny how much you can learn about someone from "6 weird things".

I will miss your posts but I hope you have a good blog break. I hope you get all you need to get done. Enjoy! :0)


i'll miss you then! hope you are posting again very soon. i love brussel sprouts too and you can tell fatty that is NOT weird! ok...maybe it is...just a little!


Erin, thank you so much for the wonderful apron you made for me! I really love the colors and smiled immediately when I put it on. There is just something about an apron.
And here's a couple of coinky-dinks. I, too, love brussel sprouts. With butter. Yum! And though I'm not blind in my eye, I do have a lazy eye that doesn't track very well, especially when I'm tired. I can see out of it, but most of the time I just don't pay attention to what I'm seeing out of that eye unless I need to, like when I'm driving.
Anyways, thanks for sharing about yourself. And have a good blogging break!


hi, i have been reading ur blog for some time now.......u have delurked me......have a great break, but hurry back, ur posts will be missed!!


enjoy the break. good luck with the treasure hunt! ;)


I too love Brussels Sprouts, so I don't find that very weird. My sister was in a car accident when she was 17 (she is almost 43 now) and is also blind in one eye. So, that doesn't seem weird to me at all. Will miss you and hope you are back soon!


Thanks for sharing! I'm sure you'll think I'm weird because I like sour cream on my brussel sprouts.


Your blog is just fantastic and very inspirational. I have just started to collect S's for a wall in my little studio apartment that I have been waiting to do something to since I moved in, in May. I saw your wall of H's and fell in love. So much so that I have comissioned my dad to make some S's for me. I do enjoy reading your blog and checking out all the wonderful things you have made. Have fun with the organizing!

charlotte lyons

nice list (love the dog problems settling to sleep) and lovely buttons...what a find!


I am with you on the ipod thing. I haven't a clue how to work itunes but I know how to pick a song to play.

Enjoy the cleaning and look forward to seeing you back online!


Wow, how did that feel? I'm inspired to try the exercise myself - wish me luck!
Can't believe some of the "100 things about me" lists that I've stumbled upon recently. Yikes!

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