I Know You're Out There

I am feeling a little devious today....bear with me.


Hi Beth!

Someone - OK, it was your sister - told me that you liked this fabric.  And that you wanted a belt made out of it.  So, I made one for you.  It's all yours....if you comment on this post.  You see, Georgia also told me that you read my blog.  I thought I might draw you out with the little giveaway.  That didn't work.  I'm giving it another go.  Here's your chance.....post a comment and it's yours.

I almost forgot - Hi Luke!  I know you are out there, too.

Alright, enough mischief for one day.



hey, erin, i like that fabric, too! ;)


If Beth doesn't respond, can I have it? :)
By the way, is that edemame (sp?) in your header? Leah and I call them "pop-up" beans and eat them all the time for a healthy snack.


Like the belt - if Beth doesn't materialize I could pretend to be her:)


Another willing stand-in for Beth right here.


Hi Erin,
I love the belt, thanks! I'm so glad I read today’s entry, what a great surprise. As I'm sure my sister told you, I've been admiring her belt for a long time now...but mine now is definitely cooler.
And yes I'm a big fan of your blog. I always look forward to seeing your next project and never expected this one would be for me.
Thanks again!


Hmmm... I tried commenting before, but I think Typepad was down. I love your cute little plot here. Beth is one lucky blog reader!


What a neat belt! Your so crafty-cool!


What a neat belt! Your so crafty-cool!

amy h

Well, that was a lot of work for a comment! :) The belt is so cute!

Little Cookies

Did you just make up the pattern for the belt? It looks terrific. I'm always looking for good belts but they are either leather and gross, or covered in press studs and gross. You've got a winning design.

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