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Ummm, I just spent about an hour on a really lovely post about Telluride, Colorado and why it is so dear to my heart (read...I have childhood memories there, met Fatty there, fell in love there) and then lost the whole f-ing thing.  Really, I could scream.  SCREAM!

Instead, you can see more of our vacation here.  And sometime I may tell the story again.  I guess you'll just have to wait. Sorry...

P.S.  I need practical Flickr advice from typepad users....do you blog from Flickr?  why or why not?  how do you make contacts?  help, please.  I am lost.



Hi, I'm new to your blog! It looks like a wonderful trip. I don't blog from flickr, I don't like the idea of flickr having my typepad password. I'm a bit paranoid about that kind of thing. But sometimes, I cut and paste the url of one of my photos from there and it links back. My contacts are friends, people I have met through blogging, and others I admire. Just click around, you'll get contacts. :)


Oh, Erin, I feel your pain! Your photo is great - what amazing views! I hope to hear about the trip and the memories sometime... Good luck with figuring this all out.


What an amazing picture with the mountains in the background. I love the mountains. I was born in Ontario but moved to Western Canada when I was 8 and have lived here for the last 28 years. I don't think I could ever move away from the mountains. I am sorry you lost your post, how frustrating. I hope one day we get to hear the story.

Glad your feeling better:)


You can add someone whose photos you like as your contact. There's a link to do it on the upper right part of the page when you view their profile. They get a little message that you've made them a contact, and then they might add you back. Don't worry if they don't though. It's sort of a way for you to bookmark them so you can keep seeing what they post.


Wait, you can blog from flickr? I'm clueless. Okay, now I'm off to add you as a contact.


I don't blog from Flickr because there's no way to include more than one photo using their interface. I used to make my photos link back to Flickr but then just gave that up and put a Flickr badge in my sidebar instead. My pictures get fewer views that way but that's not all that important to me.

Like Laura said, you can add a person as a contact by using the link in their profile but you can also mouse over their avatar to do it. An arrow for a drop down menu will appear. Click it and you'll see the option to add them as a contact. My experience is that most people I add to my contact list turn around and add me to theirs. I keep a list as a means of keeping up to date with the photostreams of those who make things I like and/or whose photographs I admire but I know there's kind of thing about accumulating hoards of contacts. I do it for convenience rather than status though.

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