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Did you hear that?

That would be the sound of me screaming with excitement!  The spring issue of Adorn hit the newsstands yesterday and I AM IN IT!


Wow!  After I made this pinafore last fall, Adorn's Craft and Decorating Editor, Linda Perrman emailed me and asked if I was interested in making an apron for the tea party story.  Was I ever!  They sent me a great bundle of fabrics from Reprodepot and I got to work.  Here it is...


You can also find me on the contributors page.

I was extremely honored that they wanted to showcase something I made.  I never imagined that I would ever be published in anything, let alone a great magazine!  This would have never happened without Tie One On so a big thank you goes out to Amy Karol.  I am also in good company...bloggers Abby and Lisa are in this issue, too.

I'm off to do more cartwheels.  Go check it out!



Oh wow, Erin! Congratulations! That is such an honor. And how gorgeous is this apron??? **Gasp** I would wear this as a dress (provided it had a back of course!)

julie (jane's apron)

congrats! ...and the apron is CUTE..really, really nice work!

Alicia A.

Woooooooo hoooooooo! I'll do a cartwheel for you too!


wowee! congrats! that is a very cute apron.


Wow!!! I'd do cartwheels but I'm sure I'd throw someting out of joint, so I'll just give you a shout!! Woooohooooo!!!!!!!!
That is one beautiful apron. I'm going to go buy as copy of Adorn today.


erin!!! Congratulations! I loved that pinafore when you posted it last fall--it is so fabulous.

And the one in the mag looks fantastic. that is so awesome.

now I HAVE to find this magazine.


Holy cow, CONGRATS!!! That's awesome!!!
I'm embarrased to admit this, but I've never heard of this maagazine. I MUST find it!!!


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am off to do errands now and will definitely be "checking it out" it is beautiful!!!!


Congrats!!! Holy crap - That apron is stunning! I don't think this mag is distributed in Canada hoo.

melissa f.

hellloooo, look at you go! that is so great, erin.

shannon h

I always knew you'd be famous one day. You go girl!!


I love it!
I am so happy to be in your company, darling! I like this mag-I think it will get better as time goes by!



That is awesome. I hope more good things are in store for your future!


Erin S

Congratulations. You must be so proud of yourself. I love the apron, I too would wear it as a dress (with a back), it's gorgeous. So what's next...your own magazine spread? :o)


WOW! you rock!!! congrats!


wonderful! congratulations! i love how the pocket from the apron and the background of your first picture are the same ... nice little tie-in... or tie-on?! ha!

jen j-m

excellent. you must feel so proud!


Oh, so cool! You must buy a few copies and frame at least one for your craft room wall!


I'm beaming for you!!! I can't wait to go out and snag a copy now that it's out. You must be thrilled, and rightfully so - the apron is GORGEOUS, and you're in print! Congratulations!


Congrats! That is so cool! Good on ya! The apron is absolutely beautiful.

amy h



Erin, that is so wonderful! It is a beautiful pinafore.


Ooh that apron is so beautiful!


I was on their website yesterday, randomly, saw the picture of that apron and thought, wow, that is the sweetest apron, I'd love to try to make one like that! And then I stumbled upon this sight, and here you are in all your fabulous glory, love the apron! Congratulations too, well deserved.


congratulations on being published.
published or not that apron is super lovely.
great job.

amy h

Ooh, congratulations! I'll have to pick up a copy the next time I'm out! Yay!


oh my GOSH!!!!! i had no idea you were so famous! i am so excited and oh so proud of you!


Way to go girl!!! We all knew you when! :)


Ack! Congrats girlie, your famous now! That apron is AMAZING. I don't know how to sew anything!


YAY!!! Well done :)


That apron is the cutest~!!! Oh my gosh, I have to make it. Now I must buy that magazine! Congratulations!!




i'm a little late jumping in here but... that is fabulous! both the apron + the mention in adorn. congratulations!

Crystal T

Lovley! I grabed this issue up and have been admiring that apron. And now I know YOU made it! Great job and congrats on being published. :)


woo hoo!!! congratulations! your site has finally decided to load on my computer - love seeing how busy you've been ... kudos, girl.


i just stumbled upon your blog and i wanted to say that i was the stylist for that photo! i loved your apron so much. so pretty!


How exciting!! I'll be checking you out :) I'm waiting for my first issue..I signed up for the insane subscription special they are offering--9.99 for the year! Congrats!!

cece marie

You made that amazing apron! I just discovered your blog this much fun! Love your style! Anyways...just wanted to tell you how much I adore that apron! It was the first time I purchased Adorn and it was primarily bc I was so smitten with your apron! Very belated congrats to you! Cece

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