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Three Cups and a Giveaway Today

Given and Received

I hurt my neck - too much intense knitting is my guess.  Things are at a bit of a standstill over here so I thought I would take the time to thank a couple of wonderful blogging pals for some mail candy I have received in the last couple of weeks.  Follow the links to see.

Stephanie of A Little Deer is an incredibly talented gal.  She sent me this amazing painting.  There are houses.  On a hill.  I love it!  Thank you Stephanie!

This Vintage Chica, Eren, sent me a cool vintage coverlet that I had admired.  I don't know what I am going to do with it yet, but I will make something with it.  She also sent me some very cool vintage napkins (sorry no pics) and a great book   It was extremely generous of her - thanks Eren!

In exchange for the lovely buckets Meg made for me, I sent her some handmade goodies:


a patchwork belt


and a knitted bag.

I am going to try to take it easy and resist the urge to finish the socks in the hopes that my neck/shoulder will heal.  Have a great weekend and don't forget to "spring forward" on Sunday.



I'm sorry about your neck. That's a bummer since you were in such a knitting groove. Hope it's gets better soon.
Those are some wonderful gifts you received. And I love what you made.
Try to have a good weekend. If you're into basketball, there's lots of it on this weekend.


i am having belt envy!
the bag is lovely too.
i hope your neck is feeling better, pronto!

Alicia A.

One of those extreme sport injuries, huh? Hope it feels better pronto.

(psssst- look at me. I'm commenting. don't say anything, or the spell might be broken. tee hee. I haven't been able to comment on typepad sites for so long, i've forgotten how nice it is...)


lovely gifts - given & received! feel better - you know that knitting is very dangerous!

Erin S

I hope your neck heals soon. Your belts are so great. Always so bright and cheery. Have a great weekend.


Oh my! I would absolutely ADORE a tutorial, or even a bit of a clue as to how to construct a belt like that. It looks so fun!


The belt is so fun! Great fabrics.


i always have "knitting injuries" this time my knee....yep, from sitting "indian style" too much! Great belt and bag! Did you make the bag too?


What fun blog gifts you received!!! And the bag that you made Meg is so sweet. I hope your neck feels better - I guess those socks were a little too much fun!


Great blog....hope you feel better. Your purse as absolutely beautiful!!!!! congratulations on your great blog!


love the belt as always! hope you are feeling better erin!

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