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Today is our last warm day for awhile.  The temperature is headed back to the 40's.  Sigh.  It's been nice.

All the spring weather has given me an itch to get sewing.  I started cutting out some things for the girls last night.  I have loads of ideas floating through my head - so many that I didn't sleep well.  I just hope I can make them reality.

I didn't finish the socks.  As soon as I do, Kate will want to wear them.  I think they'll be better at 45 degrees than they would be at 75 degrees.  Tomorrow sweet girl.  I promise.

We drew a name for the garland kits this morning.   The winner is...


Dawn!  I will email you for your address and have it on its way this week.

Kate is about ready to lose her first tooth.  Right now she has two rows of teeth - the permanent ones are already in behind the baby ones.  Oh my little shark!


She doesn't want to pull it herself.  She asked Fatty to use pliers!  They tried last week, but it wasn't loose enough.  Round two is tonight.  And to make it all a bit more dramatic, Jane can't stand looking at or hearing about Kate's tooth.  I guarantee that if anyone cries, it'll be Jane.

Jane is reading in front of the whole school today.  That's where you'll find me at 10:00 a.m.

Happy Wednesday all!



Oh, I hope Jane does well. I know you'll be a proud momma. I think our weather is headed to the cold side, too. Oh, well. It's not long before we'll be complaining about the heat. :0) Oh, hope the tooth pull goes well, too.


morgan had the opposite problem! she lost he rbottom 2 qand top 2 within a week and it took about 4 months for them to grow back in! good grief!


Welcome back to the land of winter. I'm still waiting for spring. Yesterday's sunlight lasted exactly 2 hours. :-(
Good luck with that tooth!


ohhh, many a friends children with this problem! good luck with the pliers fatty! hope jane did great! :)


I recently found your blog...love it! The pictures of your daughter's teeth remind me of my son. He also had his two permanent teeth grow in on the bottom before his baby ones came out. It was something I had never seen before!


yay, jane! i bet you'll be a super-proud mama.


Although I hate losing out on sleep, I love the giddy feeling that I get when inspired to work on lots of crafts - not a bad thing to keep one awake at night. I hope all went well with the reading and the tooth!

Erin S

Pliers? How about trying the old dental floss and door knob trick. It always worked when my sister did it to me! Of course she was never brave enough to tie the floss to her tooth and slam the door shut. It always had to be me. Such is life as a younger sister. Can't wait to see what you make for the girls.

amy h

Wow, two rows of teeth! That's cool. :) Pliers? Not so cool -- ick.

Our warm weather is going soon, too. Aw.


pliers!?! she WANTS pliers!?? my girl would run screaming if we even mentioned the word when she is wiggling a loose tooth.
ick... getting back to 45. then i won't tell you it was 83 here today ;-P


My daughter's teeth did the same exact thing! I begged to pull out her teeth, and she screamed and wiggled and of course, the moment it didn't hurt, the tooth came out.
Just keep in mind that whatever the tooth fairy sets for the first tooth, the tooth fairy has to dish out just as much for all other teeth that come out for the next 8 years...


I actually gasped out loud at the pliers bit!

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