It's Here!


Amber A.

Oh, I see you're using one of my all-time favorite Denyse Schmidt fabrics! I made an apron out of some of mine but I have a bit more in the stash...;-)!


A tutorial? This might just inspire me to sew! Watch out.

Erin S.

YAY! I can't wait to try out the skirt tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to show us how to do it! Have a great weekend.


Tutorials are quite a job to put together, aren't they? It took me days to do the bunny card one.
Have fun!


Can't wait!


wow, what beautiful photos and delightful crafts. i am impressed with your eye for color. perhaps i'll someday learn to make a skirt like that too. oooh.. keep up the lovelies.


can't wait for that tutorial erin! how was your weekend?

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