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A Great Swap

Here's the loot from the craft swap last week.


paper lanterns by Laura


necklaces by Suzanne (I was wearing mine on my birthday)


ribbon and pom pon trim dish towels by Brenda


night lights by Shawna


stick people by Carolyn


oilcloth party flags by Marcia


beaded dip bowls by Lynette


chalkboard clock by me (super easy to make - plywood square, chalkboard paint and clock kit).

Good stuff all around!  Thanks ladies.  I love swapping with you.



What an absolute motherlode of coolness! I wish I had a crafty group of girlfriends locally. I'm really grateful for my online crafting support network, though. What would I do without inspiration like this?


what a great idea! Lots of wonderful good stuff.


holy cow! what a great group of ladies you've got doing this! how did you get started? (or did i miss that post?)


Wow,,,all are fantastic. I am coveting those dishclothes!!! So happy looking...might make drying dishes a little brighter :-) Best part of everyone's projects is they are Unique, personal, hand-crafted...doesn't get any better than that!!!!


this is such an awesome idea!!! i love it....mind if we mimic the swap party in sf?


that sounds like tooooo much fun!

Erin S.

Oh my goodness I am so envious of all those treasures. The dish towels are adorable, beautiful necklace and the clock tops it all off! Your a lucky gal!


This looks like so much fun! You received some wonderful things. And I really like your clock idea.


Fabulous goodies!! Lucky all-of-you!!


Oh wow! Those are the most beautiful swap items ever! I'm so jealous!


I just discovered your blog and I love it - it's very nice. I am excited to try your tutorials.

As I was scrolling thru past posts, I discovered why I like your blog so much: We are birthday twins :) I also turned 25 (ahem - 36) on May 22. Yay, us! Happy Belated Birthday. 1971 was a great year, eh?



ps--you ladies wouldn't consider an out-of-town member, would you? :)

Really, you are so lucky to be a part of such a talented group!


I'm still looking for a group to do this with me! I think this is such an awesome idea!!


OMG--That's a fantastic lot of goodies there! Love the paper lanterns & pom pom trimmed towels! What are the red circles of the necklacs made of? You all are lucky to have such a great group. Happy Days! :o)


Wow...what a great craft swap! I absolutely love the necklaces and the pom pom towels and clocks are great too!


You all are so imaginative! Thanks for sharing~~

Chara Michele

Wow, what lovely swap goodies! How did you all meet and start this tradition? Would love to hear the story behind it:)


I'm always jealous that I'm not part of your swap circle. And I love how creative you got with your craft this time - not your usual creation, but super-cool!

Southern Girl

This is such a cool idea and what a talented group of craft buddies that you are blessed to be around...I feel like I am in a craft oasis being that there are only a few and the sad thing about it many women my age (30's) do not take the time to be crafty. :-(

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