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My little space

Here it is:  the sewing room, or studio, if you prefer that.  I call it both.  I painted it this beautiful turquoise-y blue last August and have been dreaming of getting it organized since way before then.  I did it and know that if the machine hadn't been gone for three weeks it never would have happened.


Here is the machine in its newly spruced up home.  I hung the peg board and keep patting myself on the back because it was a great idea.  No more lost scissors, rulers, embroidery hoops - they all have a home.


Here's the view I have while sitting at the table.  I covered a piece of plywood with cork and then fabric.  It looks a bit empty, but I am excited to fill it up with all the little things I have hoarded over the years.   Fatty hung the thread racks awhile back and I added the old E and photos of my little family.  And that little painting in an oval frame is an antique that my former boss and friend Susan gave me.


Next to the peg board on a blank spot of wall, Fatty and I installed a flannel board.  It small, but handy.  I like to lay out patchwork to visualize it and I think this will help.  It can also hold all the little bits of the appliques I like to do.  No more lost pieces!


Behind the table are shelves filled with fabric and trims.  The cottons along with the trims and buttons are organized by color.  The rest of the fabric is organized, too.  You probably couldn't tell how, though.  There is a stack of wool felt and some larger flat folds of cotton.  Throw in upholstery weight fabric organized by room/project and you get the drift.


Set back a bit from the other shelves, these hold the nuts and bolts:  books, patterns, supplies and super large flat folds.


On the next wall is a little alcove covered by a makeshift curtain (it still needs to be hemmed) which hides more stuff.  The ironing board can hang out of the way when not in use.


And on the door is this collage, made my friend Suzanne.  It always makes me smile.

You can see before pictures here and more photos of the finished space over on flickr.  We have family in town and a big weekend ahead.  If it's quiet on the blog, you can probably find me sitting in my chair, soaking it all in, loving my little space.



It's just beautiful. Just think of the brilliance you'll create in such a lovely space!...


what an inviting, organized, charming space! Really, it's just beautiful. Happy creating :)

Account Deleted

oh, it's all so lovely! wow.


Oh, my! It's wonderful! I just love the color and the whole set up! It's really amazing!!!


Oh, I'm SOOO jealous! What a great place to create!


I am drooling! You did an awesome job....I love all of the nooks in this room! Soak it up!


Your room looks wonderful... so organised and beautiful!!


So lovely and organized! Doesn't it feel great when everything has its own little place?

amy h

It looks great! Have fun in there. And what a pretty little window you have, too.

Erin S.

Absolutely fantastic Erin. Everything looks so organized and functional. I bet it will really help you to be even more productive then you were before (is that possible?). I so wish I had a room in my house that I could dedicated to sewing and crafting. I don't so for now I will just have to enjoy yours! Happy sewing.

Carrie S.

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Love the color and the space and all the fabric...of course!


you have a lovely little space. thanks for sharing it with us.


Your craft studio looks lovely!



that is like my dream studio.

lucky you!

love the colors and i must hang a peg board!


Beautiful!! You did a fantastic job and certainly deserve to kick back and enjoy it now. :D


oh wow erin! looks amazing and i am green with envy. can i ask how long all of those fbrics will stay so organized? mine start that way and end up a mess eventually.


Oh Erin! It is absolutely gorgeous. I saw the photos over on flickr, but love hearing your tour of it all as well. My mind is swimming, thinking of applying some of your ideas for my space. Can't I just copy and paste it in? There should be some digital scrapbooking trick for this or something. Love it all.

doreen ray

lovely and so inspiring. I was just thinking of a similar color for my space.


What a lovely sewing studio! Love the color of your walls.


What a beautiful room! I have been slowly tidying up my sewing room but somehow the WIP and kids are always a great distraction.
I love your thread rack, I'll be off to find one tomorrow.

Chara Michele

Your studio looks absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful little place to have to call your own.


LOVE your workroom! Must feel you have blue skies every day working there in that lovely turquiose color all over the walls. You've made everything so tidy & pratically organized. That pegboard is a great idea! I need a thread rack, but don't have much space for one--so for now the threads live in old tins. You have a wonderful room of your own! Happy Days! :o)

SilverLining Designs

Looks like a great space. I am sure you will be very creative there!


It turned out beautifully! Now, how long will it take you to mess it up? ;-)


what a great space! i love all your jars of goodies. and the stacks, oh the stacks. such a lovely sight! have fun in there!


Your room looks so serene! The turquoise paint and white woodwork is the perfect combo. It looks restfull and inspiring! So neat and orderly. I know you will enjoy this space. BTW, your arched window is beautiful!


uh hello, that room is just fabulous! The color is so dreamy. I want to come over to play!


Just lovely xxx


Pardon me while I pick up my jaw! I remember seeing pictures of this spot a while back. I am SO impressed by what you've done with it. Maybe being without the sewing machine for a little while was meant to be. Oh, how I dream of a space like this. Enjoy!


WOW! What a gorgeous place to create! And look at all those fabrics...drool.


Wow. What a tremendously inspiring room. Love the peg board! And the flannel board! Thank you for sharing - I'm moving in a month, and have been promised *my own* creative room - you can be sure I'll be using some of your ideas!


Cute apron in your earlier post!

Wow, such organization in your craft room! I was astonished at the amount of fabric that you have too! Oh no, is this what is in store for me too?!


So fresh and inviting!! Simply lovely. Thanks for sharing.


I'm consumed by envy and awe as I type this. Why can I not seem to finish MY space? Yours is so serene and has that mis en place thing going on that I need so badly. That's it. This weekend I am working on the studio!


it makes me feel better knowing that in that nearly perfect "studio" there is a burnt ironing board.
looks great!!!!

celine reid

It's beautiful. Now I WANT one too!


This is my dream sewing room! The color is lovely and everything looks so neat and tidy. The window in there is gorgeous too!

Suzie Sews

Such a treat to see other people's work space. Yours was indeed that bit more special.
Suzie Sews

Stephanie D

WOW! Great job, I'm in the middle of a bit of clean-up as well though not as dramatic as yours!


It is wonderful! I love the peg board and the flannel board. Those are things I think would really help me out. Oh, there's lots of inspiration here! Thanks for sharing.


Your studio looks great! It inspires me to clean up my cottage and start creating! Love the red floral fabric for the curtain...


I know I am late to the party and the umpteenth person to say this, but - ack! Your studio is so splendidly splendid! I love the everything-in-its-place aspect (years of Montessori school instilled this in me as a child...). The flannel board is such a great idea. I have GOT to get my studio organized and I will defintely be looking to yours for inspiration. But oh, where to start?

K. Anne

Simply lovely! It inspires me to get my behind in gear and sort out a place of my own.

Jennifer Lee

WoW! Omg! ::jaw dropped on the floor:: This room is crazy cool! Super cozy and yet full of energy and fun! I love the two E's I saw on your photo! One day I hope to have a creative space room of my own!!


I love love love your room! How inspiring!


Great color selection. Turning my son's (former) room into a vibrant creative and sewing space (he's getting a new cool hs room downstairs --- I may be tapping your color energy again --- he wants to go cafe colors after I convinced him Bronco colors might get old). Yesterday I picked a too green version of tourquoise --- got up today, googled and found your room (thanks for sharing) and now my darlings (14,12, 8 are up painting on the new color --- looks a bit more "pool" than yours but makes me wanna dive in).
Wha-hoo! Between you and my color consultant 12 y-o whom I should've listened to yesterday...the room'll be in creative form in no time. THANKS!!!!!


you're is great! very inspirational- can't wait to tackle mine.


For Christmas this year my Fiance and I remodeled our little cottage. We turned the office into his "man cave" and the guest room into my sewing room! I am so excited to find your post. Your room is so cute and clean. I've painted mine grayish purple and have black and white accents. Your space is so inspiring!


Hi I love this color what is the name of it?

Erin | house on hill road

I'm sorry, but I don't remember! That was five years ago.

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