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I haven't posted any goodies found thrifting because I am generally unlucky when it comes to finding the one and two dollar items that make your heart stop.  Until now that is.  Last week I drove by a new to me thrift store and walked out with some great vintage sheets.  Of course, when I drove by yesterday, I had to stop.


I found this great patchwork quilt - all vintage florals.  It's got a few small stains on the back, but otherwise it is perfect.  It's on the smaller side - crib sized, I'd guess.  But I love it. Love it.


I immediately thought of my favorite tree and how perfect this quilt would be for reading in the shade.  So I took it for a test drive.  Oh yeah.  Lovely, indeed.

My new hat is a sun hat so it won't be hanging out in the shade with me and the quilt.  Thanks to all of you I decided it stays.  I may make another one, but the pink one is a keeper.  You all are so kind and encouraging.  All those compliments made me blush - thank you so much.

Have a great Tuesday!



the prettiest little quilt indeed!
I'm glad you are keeping the hat. It really did look great on you.


I love it and especially in the grass! I don't mind a few stains on a charming quilt.

shelly d

I love the hat... I wish I looked as good in hats as you do.....:(


What a lucky find!!

erin s.

The quilt and magazine look very inviting. Hope you enjoyed testing it out.


Holy cow!!! That quilt is awesome!!! It makes me want to make one for myself with the boxes and boxes of sheeting I have. Great find indeed. Oh, and I love the photo of you and fatty all duded up for the races on flickr!


All such vintage goodness and glad to hear the hat will live to see a sunny day!


Maybe this is a sign of thrifting goodness to come. Sounds like a lovely day, test driving your new find. And I'm so happy about your hat decision!


what a lovely thrifted quilt! lucky find, indeed.

and i do like the pink hat a LOT!


my sis found a similar one at an estate sale and uses it with her new babe. awesome find erin!


Very cute! I'm still searching for a worthwhile thrift store...


What a great quilt! I wish I could find some quilts on my thrifting adventures---I'm not lucky in the quilt category I guess!


Super quilt! That was a lucky find...I never get lucky like that either--LOL! Where is everyone finding all the good stuff?! Happy Days! :o)


How wonderful! It's gorgeous and very inspiring!


Nice blanket! I love finding good things at the thrift. Doesn't happen a whole bunch for me, though. Of course, two kids in tow makes it a little hard to really dig through, but one day. :0)


I have a quilt my grandmother made probably 30 years ago of vintage Lilly Pulitzer fabric and many of the squares on your quilt look very similar. You might find 'lilly' hidden in any of the designs to tell. Either way I'm jealous of your find!


Oh wow, I love it too! What a sweet score!

Chara Michele

What a great find! Glad to hear you are going to keep the sun hat:)

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