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While we were in Florida last month, my mother-in-law helped me adjust the pattern for this sun hat from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing.  I have a big head and it was immediately evident from the pattern that it wouldn't fit my noggin.  We added an inch to the crown and the brim, adjusting the top accordingly (don't ask me how - she did most of that part).  We cut it out of some inexpensive fabric and I put it on my head thinking that it would definitely fit fine.  Yesterday I was finally able to sew my version.


So what do you think?  I am not sure about it.  It is still a bit snug.  The brim is super long - I can barely see when I am wearing it.  I asked Fatty if it was good or goofy.  He said, "Yes."  I guess that means it is good and goofy....hmmm.  Not sure what I think about that either.


I would like to make it again.  This time I think I would use 1/4 inch seams to give myself a bit more room around.  If I do that, I think I would have to cut the height of the crown some and I know I need to cut back on the brim.  If anyone has any tips, please pass them along.

My first choice would be to re-do this one, but I don't think I can.  I hate that I used my pink Amy Butler fabric and it doesn't fit.  I might hand it down to Kate - she inherited my big head.  I would have to cut the brim down a bunch.  I am thinking of just taking the pinking shears to it so I don't have to rip out all the top-stitching on the brim.  I know the ends would fray, but it could be kind of cute, couldn't it?  Really, couldn't it?

And I am definitely making the next one out of muslin.  Lesson learned.



The brim seems long if you are wearing it down. Have you tried to (manually initially?!) upturn the brim so that it is curled? I wear many of my hats like that!

Cutting it down for Kate is a great idea too! I can't comment on pinking shears as I am not much of a seamstress & you'd know better than me!!


I think I'd need a picture of what it should look like on to see if it fits right or not but I don't think it looks bad though. I think pinking shears on the edge would be super sweet.


I think it is a great beach/sun hat as is -- good, NOT goofy. Try wearing it out in the world a few times and see how it really works for you. Then you can better decide if you want to start doing things to it or not.... I tend to be too quick to judge my own stuff harshly and then "alter," usually without making improvements.


first, that is one of my fav amy butler patterns. second, brim smaller would definitely be good. third, great idea! can't wait to see the next one and i may need to make one myself!


glad i'm not the only one with big head hat problems!

i love it - i think pinking the edges would be cute, too, if it's hard to see!


I have a huge head as well so please don't feel bad about it.
And as far as the hat goes, I LOVE IT! It is very cool and hip. I love how big the brim is because big brims always lend themselves to an air of mystery and movie-star chic. Work it.

Meegan Blue

I love the hat, too, just as is! It's very hip and looks great on you! I don't think you should change a thing. And if you can't see? Well, sometimes we just have to suffer for fashion. Ha!


I think it looks good - it's supposed to look like that and it will really protect you from the sun. This pattern is on my list - in fact I looked for fabric last night to no avail. Sounds like I might want to check my head measurements as my head is pretty big as well.


I think it looks wonderful!
Very inspiring!


I agree that your hat is perfect for shielding against the sun. Sometimes it's difficult to find hats with wide brim that would fit the head.
Perhaps a brooch can help prevent the flip from falling.


Well I think I agree with the others. It's cute and perfect for the beach. I love that Amy Butler fabric and I'm making something out of it right now!


Oh yes, pinking the edges would be cute! I'm not a big hat wearer, but I think I may try this one out.


I like it, but if you can't see, it may be a health hazard.
If you make the seam allowances smaller and reduce the brim a little it should work out fine. I don't know if I would reduce the depth of the crown. It looks pretty shallow already.
You might have to go buy some more AB fabric, because the pink is LOVELY!


love your blog...i found it via sally shim...and have been searching for the perfect skirt project for my little 2 year old girl...and for my new hands at sewing. your instructions are clear and concise....hope to start it soon. thank you! jamie

erin s.

The hat is perfect the way it is. I love hats with large brims. It makes you look very mysterious. Another perk... you wont need as much sunscreen on your face.


I think its really cute - I wouldn't adjust it at all!


I think it's really cute. I have a huge head too. Looks like your hair is thick too. I would have never had the discipline to make it from muslin first.


is the brim and lining bonded together? If not, after pinking to the right length, you could use some bond-a-web to fuse the edges just inside the zigzag cut...I really think this hat suits you as it is but we're looking up at you so we see you easier than you looking out I suppose.

Carrie S.

I, personally, really love it and really love it on you. I love hats, and love them on other people, but I never wear them. You are so lucky you can get away with it!


Oh I think you look lovely! It doesn't look too tight or small to me.


I love the brim size! I think it's stylish AND will offer lots of sun protection!

amy h

Definitely good! I love it! I always like long-brimmed hats. I wear them and just deal with the fact that I can't see as well. :) They are good for shading the face. I have a big noggin, too, so I haven't attempted to make my own hats.


I like it. The fabric is great and it looks like it will really protect you, which is what you want, right? And it is stylish. You look like you could be at the Kentucky Derby milling about, stomping on the rivets. :0)


It looks lovely on you, but cutting the edges sounds like a good idea!


I think the hat turned out beautifully -- a good use of that gorgeous Amy Butler fabric -- and you look very glamorous in it. Since that book came out I've been wishing I looked good in that kind of hat, but I just don't. Glad I can enjoy it vicariously via you and others who do wear it well!

gina L

I really like the hat as it is. I think the brim is better this way. You look great in it!


I've seen a few versions of the hat on various blogs, and I think that of all of them, your brim looks the most reasonable. I actually like the leng†h of it - perfect for reading at the beac, working in the garden - sun protection is so important for us fair-skinned girls! I say keep it for yourself - as is!


I made the hat myself, and I love the huge brim. (I'm very fair) But I had to shorten the crown by about an inch. It looked kinda silly sticking up so high on my head. Think a cross between Paddington bear and Abe Lincoln!


I like it and from what I have seen, it is meant to have a humongous bring - take a look at Maritza's over at Soto Softies.


As you know I had the opposite problem of the hat being way too big. It took me a few attempts to get it almost right and next time I´ll be making the brim smaller too as I fell all closed in when I wear it - perfect for reading in the sun though.


i think the hat is lovely... i agree that you should wear it out a few times to see if you really are unhappy with it, before chopping into it!
thanks so much for the twirly skirt tutorial...
i can't wait to make one! and i just adore the animal fabric you made one of yours out of... too cute!


I love that the brim is big.....you could sit at the pool this summer and appear to be reading while all the while you are taking a little shut eye! No one would have to know!:)

If you do decide to pass it to your daughter, I totally love the frayed look! It would be soooo cute!

Lovin the fabric!


I really love it! I think the oversized brim is more trendy looking and less-goofy.
And a muslin mock up? I'd never have the patience!!


I like the hat the way it is! And the style/colour really flatters you. :D


Simply LOVE the hat--everything about it is FAB! That Amy Butler fabric is gorgeous...Happy Sunhat Days! :o)


vote: good not goofy.

I like the size of the brim, but if you can't see.... hmmm... maybe if you just shorten the crown just a little then the brim might be the right length.


Oh, I think it's very very cute on you! And the long brim looks to really work. I can't believe how opposite MY problems are with this hat - too BIG! Even after making it smaller, it still feels a bit silly.


I think the hat is good, not goofy. The long brim will be good for reading in the sun. You might add some kind of wild and contrasting trim to add some interest to the fabric. I've made several of her bags which are posted them on my site.

Chara Michele

I don't have any tips, but I do like how it looks. It seems like a perfect sun/beach hat, for those hot days when you don't want the sun beating down on your face.


I also made this hat from Lotta Jansdotter and reading your post was so funny as I also have a large head - there's no way this hat will blow off when I'm wearing it! I have learnt to wear it with the back brim turned up and with contrasting fabric it looks really nice - so far two people have asked for one so I think it works - I love the colour of yours - definately keep making them.

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