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Ric Rac

I about jumped for joy when I read that the March/April Tie One On theme was ric rac.  I love ric rac.  I immediately had a grand plan, and of course, did not stick to it one bit.  I had this vision of chevron stripes done in ric rac - all in one color, varying widths of trim.  Well, that would have taken me forever to line up properly (and straight) and I didn't have that much time seeing that I just welcomed my sewing machine home.  I stayed with stripes and am very happy with how it turned out.



Typically I don't go for orange, but I like the way it looks with the bright yellow and green.  My favorite part is the giant green grosgrain ric rac.  I found it back in the fall and immediately had to have it because it was ric rac and it was green and it was grosgrain.  Did you know I like grosgrain?  Yup, I do.  A lot.

Oh, and for you, Dad:  Hooray, hooray, it's the first of May......


Katie Tait

Beautiful! I love the colours and 'stripes' on white. It is fresh. Thanks for the inspir!


That is lovely! I can't wait to see what you do with the "pocket" theme.

Chara Michele

That is a cute apron!


I just knew that you would come up with something great! I love it!! Ric rac/grosgrain heaven!


someone's all excited to have their sewing machine back! very cute!

jen j-m

oh, lovely! you might have noticed in my artwork how much i am loving these colors together right now, too. :) this is such a fun apron!

amy h

I love it! That giant green rickrack is awesome!

I have been digging those colors lately, too. They are going through my head because they will probably be my sister's wedding colors (with a little more orange, a little less green).


AAAAHHHH!! LOOK AT THAT GIANT STUFF!!!!!!!! It's amazing! Your apron is totally awesome (the chevron idea is, too - maybe when there's more time??).


Now I don't own an apron, and normally never wear one. BUT i would totally wear + use that apron. it's beautiful. I love it. {btw, what's tie one on?}


what a great way to welcome your machine back home. i LOVE it! good job erin.


I LOVE THAT APRON!!! Sorry for the all caps, but my love for ric rac is long and passionate. What an absolutely charming combination.


Hmmm, I couldn't tell by your header that you love ric rac! :) Looks great.


oh, I love your ric rac apron. it is fabulous.


love it. esp. the giant ric rac - i just saw some today and put it back! (stupid!)


someone else loves the ribbon/notions sections like I do! great use here.

Erin S.

How cute is that apron? I can't believe you made that in less then a day. It's so fantastic. Very bright and cheery.


Oh my gosh, that is fabulous! Where on earth did you get that big rick-rack? I've never seen it so big!


This is so festive - the colors you added give it flair. So glad that you're back in the saddle!


That turned out so sweet! I just love the colors you chose!

Jennifer Lewis

I was wondering where you purchased the red and white string that is in the photo (your banner picture)? I saw the Martha Stewart now sells some, but was wondering if you knew where to get some bulk. Thanks.


I love it! It really is wonderful and I have that green ric rac, too. I've just been waiting for the right project.

Suzie Sews

Great colours, this is so HAPPY!!!
Suzie Sews


So glad to hear that your sewing machine is back home... what a cute and colorful apron!


Very fun and funky! I've looked for rick rack a few times in the only fabric store that I am able to get to and they never have it. I was starting to think that it really wasn't being made anymore. I will definitely keep my eyes open during my summer travels ...


I'm learning how to add rickrack that has been stitched in the center so it's ruffled onto a skirt for my girls...the middle daughter has an idea and I have to make it work from what she describes to me.


That is so great Erin!


So, so cute. Love it. When I was in junior high, those were the colors of my room. Sweet memories. Yeah for your working sewing machine. :)

Wishing On Clovers

I love this, it's so colorful and cute!

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