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Sunny Day Dress

You all are pretty smart.  Indeed, I made a sundress.


And, no, it is not for me!  This is a little one - European size 90 or 18m/2T/3T (There is a similar one in this book).  See that is the beauty of this dress - with the ties at the shoulders and the elastic thread up top, there is growing room.  Gotta love that.


Thank you, Hannah, for turning me on to the wonders of elastic thread.  I was a bit skeptical, but once I started sewing, I knew this was going to work.  It was simple and easy.  I found myself wondering what took me so long.  Fun to make, I tell you!

I find this type of dress hard to resist.  I remember wearing them when I was a kid and I just love them on my girls.  I think it would also make a cute top to wear over shorts.  That was Jane's request.  Kate has put in an order for a dress.  They have both picked fabrics from the stash.  Good!  That means more sewing for me!

I would be happy to make a tutorial if you all want.  Let me know and I will get on it.

Enjoy your weekend!



Oh yes please on the tutorial. My girl has a fluffy tummy and this would be perfect for her this summer. Sooo cute.


Beautiful, sweet sundress...your girls are blessed to have such a talented mama! Have a Happy Mother's Day weekend!


ADORABLE! Yes! tutorial please!


how did you get your skirt so full?? i am guessing this isnt just based on a rectangle, huh? i tried one last night on some linen-like fabric, but it was too heavy to get good smocking, fyi. i think this works best on the cutest cheapest cotton you can find. off to do take 2 for collette!

ps. yours is beautiful!!


I would love a tutorial! Sheesh, we should start paying you for all of your wonderful advice and inspiration. Enjoy your weekend!


tutorial...yes please!

Meegan Blue

Please, please, please on the tutorial! I was inspired by Hannah, too, and bought some elastic thread yesterday. I'm ready to get crackin'! Your dress has me's so beautiful and perfect!


how adorable is that dress?
So cute. If you did a tutorial I bet a lot of people would love it. Maybe I'd give it a try for my little one!

Erin S.

I new it! It's so great Erin. It brings back so many fond memories of when I was a little kid. I loved those Halter top sundresses. Don't you think my Dick and Jane Fabric would look cute as a sundress? I really like your idea of making a Halter top too. Tutorial? YES PLEASE. Although I have been pretty lame I haven't even made the twirly skirt yet! Off to get me some elastic thread. Hope I can find some! Have a Happy Mother's Day and a great weekend.


This is TOO cute. I need a few of these dresses for this summer. =)


i can't tell you how nostalgic this dress makes me. loooooove it. i think the next one should be in terry cloth :).


Here I am throwing my lot in for a tutorial!


erin, you are awesome. i love the dress! so perfect. it reminds me of a dress my mom used to wear when i was a kid. i wanted a dress just like it. what a great mom you are to sew for your girls! as adorable as they are, i'm sure it's fun for you to see them in the wonderful things you make.


YES YES! please do, yours are so easy to follow. I too remeber wearing dressing like this when I was little.
Suzie Sews


The dress looks great! I would love a tutorial so I can make one for my girls. My 5 year old loves her twirly skirt and wants mama to make her more. Mama just needs more time! :)


Please, yes with the tutorial. Although the twirly skirt is still on my to do list, I am a tutorial glutton. Would love to know how to make this!


I picked up some elastic thread today :-)


i would love to have a tutorial for this dress. i've bought material that was already "smocked" (is that what that is?)but i'd love to try it myself.

amy h

So cute! I had a smocked dress like this as a child, too, and it was such fun to wear.


It's a lovely sundress your daughter will enjoy a lot! It reminds me of a sundress I used to have and wear a lot when I was a kid. My daughter would love a dress like this.



nice-no-very nice job. I am so impressed.

the other day my neighbor and I were going through old sewing supplies that belonged to her grandmother...we found some elastic thread in a box. Never heard of it...didn't have a clue what you would do with it. Now I know.

I would like to see a tutorial for this.


yes!!! please do a tutorial. i've bought fabric that already has the elastic sewn on so all i have to do is sew it up the sides and hem the bottom and add straps. but i'm limited by the tacky prints. i'd love to make the dress with cute fabric!! the dress turned out adorable!


Gosh that dress is so cute! I want one in my size! And that fabric is darling.


i don't know - i mean it's seriously adorable and brings back memories, but elastic thread still doesn't sound that easy or fun! :)


love love love this! i can't wait to get my hands on some elastic thread. and, add another yea for the tutorial!


Perfect summer wear! You're right - it will grow with your daughter, and will look cute both as a dress and as a top. When is Mom going to fashion a dress of her own?


yes please!!
i would love a tutorial on for this. it looks absolutely adorable - perfect for summertime playing! and the fabric is super cute too.


please please please....a tutorial? i would love to try it! jamie


I never thought I would want a smocked, elastic top of any kind on my middle aged body, but now I'm really thinking I may need one of these to get me through the summer. So yes, tell us your secrets.


That is so cute! Make yourself one too!

Mama Urchin

I wore these when I was little too. I think I'm going to just try the elastic thread as soon as I can get my hands on some.

amanda bel

I just learned how to shirr with elastic thread too! I was so excited that I turned my blog banner into a little "shrine-to-shirring", but what can I say....I was just so excited that it worked!!! I just found your blog today, very lovely! It's nice to meet you!

Chara Michele

I would love a tutorial! That dress is so cute:)


super sweet! I'd love a tutorial.


That is a great dress--can't wait for the tutorial!


I would first like to say Thank you for such a great tutorial. Secondly, can I ask where you purchase your material from?

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