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Sunny Day Dress and Top Tutorial


The tutorial is up!  Look over to the sidebar on the right and there it is.  Go on, get some elastic thread and get sewing.  I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Things will be quiet on the blog for the next few days.  I may pop in and post some pictures.  I am also trying to get my act together and clean up the blog - you know, update links and the like.  I want to start a flickr group for all those twirly skirts that have been popping up all over cyberspace, too.  I have some sewing I want to accomplish, including something for myself.  Oh, and a couple of trips to the pool.  We are so excited for that.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



oh so great. thank you for the tutorial.

enjoy your break!


going to the store for elastic thread right now! thanks for all you do erin!


AWESOME! Thank you for all of the time and detail you put into your tutorials. I was too eager to wait for this one, and after reading through it, I need to go back and stitch over my knots :^)

Chara Michele

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thank you for the tutorial:)


the girls are too cute!

I really might try my hand at this project. Thank you for all the time you spent putting the tutorial together! You rock!

Enjoy your long holiday weekend!


it's so great! and i love your idea of starting a twirly skirt group on flickr...i did a search the other day for adult versions and found a couple cute ones. enjoy your technology break:)


Okay, I just read the instructions and I think I can do it. But I actually want to make a top for myself, how much bigger do you think I'd need to start? I don't want to mess up!!!


erin, you did fantastic on this! it is very clear and precise. thanks for all your hard work for all of us. I think I could even make this.

your girls and their dresses are adorable.


The girls' clothes are so cute! Have a wonderful weekend and break!


Oooh...just as soon as I finish my finals, I'm going to make me one of those tops. So cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

Meegan Blue

Erin! You rock! Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial. Your girls are adorable. I can't wait to get crackin' on some shirred goodness for Zoe. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a super duper weekend.


Nice! A big thank you!


Thanks for another great tutorial. I'm sure my girls will love these as much as their twirly skirts. Every time we walk past the ready to sew versions of this they beg me to buy some and make them dresses. This will be so much better.

Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend :)


Thank you so much for taking the time to make this tutorial! It looks so easy to follow. I can't wait to make a dress or 2 for my girls.


awesome. thank you! have a great weekend (our first twirly skirt appeared last night - will post soon).


Those are completely and utterly adorable. Must get to sewing pronto! Have a lovely weekend yourselves!


Love the tops and the poses! I've made some of these for my girl too and get soooo many compliments on them. Everyone who tries this tutorial will be very happy with the results and with you too for sharing! Have fun at the pool...... Marco...... Polo..... Marco


Thank you for sharing. I am new to sewing and am so inspired by your blog and what you do. I will have to try this pattern out.


I wanted to thank you for the tuto of the twirly skirt.

I just made one and my daughter is thrilled.
Thanks again...

Now I can't wait to try the smock dress.


yipee! now i have a project lined up for this long weekend. thanks so much, erin!

i can't wait to see all of the skirts on the flickr group...


thank you thank you thank you! you are tops for posting this... can't wait to try it!

Mama Urchin

Hooray, hooray, hooray. My local fabric store has been out of white elastic thread for months. So, it looks like I'll be making a red or dark blue top/dress!


You've done such a great job! I had dresses like those when I was ten.


I am going to ask my Mom for a sewing machine for my birthday - I know a few basics but I hope to learn from her and then I can start making all this cute stuff I see on different blogs. Thank you for the very clear tutorial!


Oh, you know this is on my list! Your girls look great!


Have a great weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing the Twirly Skirt Flickr group. I just saw another one over on Leslie's blog (A Friend to Knit With)---an adult version at that!

I'll have to find myself some elastic thread now...


Erin.....thank you so much for all of the time that went in to making this tutorial! I am really excited to make Libby a dress and a top!!
Happy Weekend!


i have some blog-perking-up plans, too.

thanks for the tutorial and have a great weekend!


i was itching to make one of these last week and gave it a whirl on my own -- with your fantastic tutorial, i know my next venture in shirring will be MUCH improved!


Ooh, thanks so much...I've been hanging by the skin of my teeth for this tutorial :-)


Hello, Erin! After being away on vacation for two weeks (and no chance to read blogs during that time) it's great to return and visit here. Belated birthday wishes! Love the girls clothes--just so sweet, lovely & summery! Happy Days! :o)


Thank you Erin! Just gorgeous! Love your little models too.


Hooray! Perfect dress. Perfect timing. Perfect instructions.


this dress brings back such memories. it was 1978, i wore a similar dress in a wedding, walked down the isle with a crown of black eyed susans in my hair. the bride and groom stood under an arch made of multi-colored toilet paper flowers. i believe the budget for the day was $18. ahh, the 70's. long before martha came around to show us how to do a proper backyard wedding! ;)

So Much Fun

Wow, those are fantastic! Thanks for sharing those!


this is so kind of you to share this tutorial.
I wanted to do a dress like that for my 3 years old daughter, and I was wondering how.
Now I know, thanks a lot
Alexandra from France


That top looks gorgeous!


I can't wait to do this!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work on these tutorials. You do an incredible job!


Thanks for the tutorial. I made your twirly skirt as a present and I can't wait to start this one!


Pretty dresses! Oh my, I just look right to your sidebar and I see the skirt. I made a tote using the same fabric, same colors!!!!!!!


Thank you so, so much! Shirring might just open a whole new world for me. I thought that hand couching was the only way, or buying the pre-elasticated stuff at fabric store. Love it.

Erin S.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do the tutorial. Can't wait to give it a go!

Jane and the ducks

oh, thank you, thank you! This is perfectly done. I love the top and the skirt you made for the girls!


Thank you for tutorial. hope my english ok. I tried it and you wrote that it would be too big. But that did not happen. It shrunk down to kid size just right. and also what do about running out of elastic thread in the middle? do I pull out and restart the whole row otherwise I can not sew it at end step 25.


This is fantastic! Thank you!


Thanks again for the great tutorial, almost finished a dress yesterday, couldn't have done it without your tutorial. The only thing I would add to it is to remember NOT to backstitch when using the elastic thread in the bobbing....I guess it's an old habit??? ;-) I'm thinking shirring could also be used instead of gathering the "normal way" with some patterns...? The possibilities are just endless - I always thought shirring was VERY hard to do...but it's not, and it's all because of're the shirring queen!


hi! just love those dresses! i tried to do it today for my one year old (in neon green) but to my dismay...the elastic thread is hard to use. once i started sewing..the elastic thread becomes stretched and ended up being cut in the middle. i followed everything in your tutorial but what could i have done wrong? please help!


OMG! Thank you so much for this! It is the best tut I have seen online. I actually understand all the steps. (Which is important for a beginner!)

Please make more tuts like this! I would love you forever!


ann-marie mackay

I just finished making this dress for my daughter.
It's my second real sewing project--ever, and it was fun and easy!

I made her straps too long, so once I fix that I hope to have pictures on my blog.
Thanks for making such an easy pattern and tutorial!


Hi Erin
I used your sunny day dress tutorial to kick start my daughters summer wardrobe (I'm ignoring the most snow we've had in 18years outside!!). Thanks so much - you continue to inspire me.

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