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Meg sent me this amazing vintage blue dress for Kate.  When it arrived on Saturday, she immediately tried it on, then took it off because she didn't want to get it dirty.  It fits perfectly, has lots of twirl and made this little girls eyes light up like a Christmas tree.  She wore it to church yesterday - so stinkin' cute, I tell you.  Thank you so much Meg - she really loves it.

And would you believe this?


Jane came downstairs this morning wearing the shirt.  Yes, the one I made her.  I quickly grabbed the camera for documentation and she was happy to oblige her mom.  Hmmm...I am not sure what prompted it, but I am not complaining.  In fact, I see it as a sign.  I think it's going to be a good day.


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oh, that blue one was my favorite! i'm glad it's twirly.
love the shirt you made for her, too.

Tips Of All Sorts

Erin, this is a heart-warming post. Clara :-)


What a gorgeous dress! And I love the adorable shirt you made!


hooray for jane!

and the dress is gorgeous - almost as pretty as the girl wearing it.


Oh! There's hope for the turtle!
Beautiful blue dress, what little girl wouldn't love that?


Love both the dress and the shirt. She reminds me of myself at that age. Must be the name :)!


When I was between the ages of like 7 and 10, my dad would buy all of my clothes from the catalogs (Sears, JC Penney, etc.). I saw a blue dress very similar to that (in fact, I think it was almost exactly the same except it had short sleeves) and I HAD to have it. So, my dad ordered it from the catalog for me, and I loved that thing to bits and pieces.

How nice it is to see another little girl making her own blue dress memories.


They're just beautiful,girls and dress.


Such a sweet dress!
And Jane, well how could she NOT wear that shirt.........SOOO cute!


really sweet photos of the girls!
The dress is beautiful and so is the shirt you made.


The blue dress is perfect on Kate! So sweet. And the shirt looks so cute on Jane...looks like she's coming around!


I'm beaming about you and your girls right now! Meg's vintage dress fits Kate perfectly, and it's awesome that Kate fell so in love with it. And I can't believe Jane's turn-around! There's seriously good karma going on at your house.


So sweet! Which reminds me I have a 3T vintage Polly Flinders dress I need to get on my 3 1/2 year old before it's too late. Thanks for the prompt!


That dress is beautiful and so is Kate!!! Meg is wonderful. I knew Jane would come around...I mean just look at how gorgeous that top is. Have a wonderful day. xoxo


oooh i love vintage dresses! the first picture is so wonderful- just classic little girl. love it!

cristina - string*THEORY

ooh - its such a cute dress! and i love the top swirly photo. and yes, so happy she finally put on the shirt you made. it looks great, soon she'll be wearing it everyday, i'm sure of it.


sounds like a great day! love the blue toenails to match the dress!!!

Erin S.

Oh Erin the dress looks lovely. Is is just me or are Kate's toe nails painted blue to match the dress?

So glad Jane came to her senses about the top. It's so great!

Mama Urchin

a good day indeed


What a beautiful smile on Kate's face! She clearly loves her pretty new dress. Jane made a good choice in trying on her blouse. It is darling.


It's funny how just when you let go of wanting something, it happens/you get it. Life is funny that way. I'm glad she decided to wear the shirt!


Aren't kids something?! I love it!

amy h

Oh, Kate looks so happy in that dress! And yay for Jane finally wearing that great shirt!


She looks beautiful in both the dress and the shirt!




Wow, what a beauty of a dress and little girl, too! So sweet.

Congrats on your daughter putting on "the shirt," too! :-)


Looks like Kate is almost ready for the stage. Jane your top looks great and the fabric colours are lovely. You should were it more, it suits you.


She looks like a angel with a kindly face.


Oh, such beauties!! Kate looks in heaven! Was it a good day, then?!


that blue dress looks gorgeous on Kate and so happy that Jane is coming around. the shirt looks great on her.


What a pair of cuties!

Chara Michele

Such a sweet looking dress!

So glad that Jane changed her mind about that shirt! :)


I love the dress. It's so girlie.
Hmmm, did the attention Kate's dress got perhaps prompt this change in Jane? It's a good thing though.


looks adorable!
sorry i've been mia...


Happy ending!!!


eek! that top! soooo cute.

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