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I had a crazy busy day yesterday - the kind where you barely have time to eat.  Swim team practice, swim lessons, errands, sewing for deadlines, rush to the post office, shower, hair cuts for me and the girls...hectic, but in a good way.  So here is part one of my mail post, just a day later.

Kirsty is a gem.  I saw a photo of some plastic belt buckles that she thrifted over on flickr and wouldn't you know, she sent me the ones I like.


She also sent the fabric they are sitting on - so charming and well, green.  You know I love my greens.  These goodies have been in the house for awhile now and I have been remiss not to thank her sooner.  Thank you Kirsty!  I love them!  Some little things should be showing up for you soon.

Cristina and I had a little moo card swap.


She sent me an aqua tray cloth with beautiful edging.  I now have two aqua tray cloths, the other one from Kirsty.  Coincidence? more and I'll have a collection.  There were the adorable moo cards with her gorgeous photos and some vintage sheeting scraps, too.  Perfect!  I have just the project in mind for these.  Thank you Cristina!  I adore what you sent - it really couldn't have been any better!

I sent Cristina a little something along with my moo cards.  There is a big story behind it so it'll have to wait for another day.  As will the other goodies I have received lately.  I told you - lucky me.



Lucky you indeed!

Tips Of All Sorts

That sounds like. Mr postman must have been busy. :-)


Love good mail days, and yours was, well, GREAT!
Lovely people, lovely gifts.
Also love what you sent Cristina. Great job!


i love my greens, too. and i also received a green gift today!


You gotta love good mail days! I'm in need of sharing my recent good mail. Crafty bloggers are so darned nice ;-)


hooray for happy mail, i've had some lately, too.

cristina - string*THEORY

oooh come on! the suspense is killing me:) buckles are so beautiful! and ornate too...kristy sure does know how to put together some beautiful packages:)


Wow, you are getting luckier and luckier!

Chara Michele

Definitely lucky you!


What wonderful friends... must mean you're a pretty good one. Isn't it funny that summer seems like it's supposed to be filled with lazy days, but there's so much fun and good food to pack into those long days that things can get really hectic?! Do I get a prize for a run on sentence? Have a terrific weekend!

erin s.

Very lucky indeed. The green floral fabric is lovely.


such a lucky girl you are!


How lucky you are! Great fabric and I love those buckles! Happy Weekend to you & yours! :o)


Ooooh - I LOVE plastic belt buckles. And you got two very cool ones. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.


Lovely, lovely, cool summer colors. What wonderful things!


I just bought a green plastic buckle that I love! Although it's not vintage which would be even cooler. I think I sense myself starting to get a little crazy about them!

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