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One thrift store and five minutes

Yesterday, the girls and I stopped at the thrift store to make a huge donation of toys.  Of course, it is physically impossible to donate with out purchasing.


See all that yummy Pyrex?  New to me.  All in the same store, donated on two different days and so ready to be taken home.

That should be enough, but, no I found some little things too.  The girls each bought a book and I scooped up a few vintage pillowcases and a little lap desk.


This photo is for Meg and her thrifty color scheme flickr group.  I doubt I will post many photos over there only because I do not have good luck thrifting.  Really, I don't.  But yesterday I did!



Okay, the luck you had on this particular trip has to count for three or four lucky trips at least! Such an amazing find!


What a great find.... love the green bowls! How wonderful to also take a huge donation of toys! I can't seem to get my kids to let go of anything too easily.


TWO new dot bowls on one day? Score!


no way! lucky you - we're trying to convert from plastic storage to pyrex - and i NEVER find any!!! grrr. and you got lids, too??!!!


I love the greens! How did your blog get so famous?? Did you post on craft chatrooms? It's absolutely gorgeous and I love reading it. I'd like my own to be better.


I received those same green bowls as a shower gift when I got married 30 years ago!! Love them!!

Chara Michele

What great finds! My mum had some pyrex dishes like those when I was little. In fact, I think she still has some! Every time I see some that someone has thrifted it makes me think of her:)


lids too? wow! that stuff only appears in antique stores round these parts. about ten bucks a pop. *winces*


Pyrex! I love Pyrex and would keep buying it if I had the storage space. I especially like the little bowls with the "handles" and clear lids and have a couple of those.


What a gold mine of pyrex!! I rarely find that at thrift stores around here...just antique shops and then it's not that cheap.


ohmygod what a haul! when i saw this in flickr i thought it was your pyrex collection, i didn't realize you had scored it all in one place. amazing!


You have good thrifty luck now....Love ALLLL of it...xoxo


Great finds! I love the colors!


Holy moly, that's a lot of pyrex! I never have good thrifting luck.


I love Pyrex lucky you!


you are giving me hope erin! i usually have the suckiest luck when it comes to thrifting! that is some seriously awesome pyrex luck!


you are pretty lucky! I never ever find anything remotely good if I do thrift. {which is why I hardly ever do} but those bowls are pretty cute!


For not being lucky, you sure hit the jackpot. Love the colors and dots!


Hey!!! You didn't tell me that you scored... I love old pyrex! Maybe we will have to clean our toys out and make a trip to the thrift store... hmmm.

Carrie S.

Great score on the Pyrex! What a haul! You GO!


Oh I LOVE the green Pyrex crazy daisy stuff!!! I always buy it when I find it. Fond memories from childhood with those dishes. GREAT finds!!!!


Wow, that's impressive thrifting!


Such a great find Erin. I love the bright coloured pillow cases. All I can say about that Pyrex is that I am very jealous! :o)


wow, what a collection.... I am sooooo very jealous... we are off to op shop and book exchange today...fingers crossed
luv Abby


your luck i better then you think, ms. erin!


This is one serious score - I think it makes up for all of the times you said that you never find anything in the thrift store. These are awesome, and they came with lids - bonus!


Such festive colors--those are some terrific finds!


wow, those pyrex dishes are amazing! what a total score.

julie (jane's apron)

I just love vintage pyrex but find good ones only once in a made a major thrift score...such cool colors too.


I love it! Pyrex is amazing and I have quite a few pieces with the green and the little flowers too. I'm jealous that you found all of that at a thrift store!

Suzie Sews

You have to be kidding me, to die for...
Suzie Sews

jen t

that is like a dream...all those goodies in one place!

shelly d

love love love the Pyrex. Leslie wanted to stop on our road trip but i would not let her. i know she saw your post. I guess I'm in trouble now.

chez shoes

Wow - and I thought my Camper shoes were an amazing thrift score, but - all that Pyrex!

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