Fashion Shoot



ooooo....(i'd be giddy too!)

p.s. your blog is a great read. thanks.


Oh...markers of your own? Never heard of such a thing. But love the whole idea of it. Hmmm....maybe when Wyatt is a few years older as just a few days ago I was buffing crayon marks off my mom's antique marble table top.


someone else with my sharpie obsession! yeah! you can do anything with a sharpie i tell you! love all of the new colors they have now!


I don't think the "special-ness" of sharpies ever goes away.

Have a great weekend!


sharpies. so many in one place. jealousy is setting in. love the pot, too.


What decadence! Have a lovely weekend, Erin!

Sarah Jackson

awesome! We have the huge Sharpie pack from Costco. Sharpies are my favorite.

Lisa Clarke

I *love* Sharpies! I saw some new colors I didn't have recently and almost bought a whole set, just to get those 3 or 4 colors. Must. resist. more. sharpies.


i have my own set of sharpies, too (the fats and the skinnies, just like yours). i have to keep them on a really high shelf to keep little hands away. when i bring them out to share (which is not often, but occasionally, and always when we do shrinky-dinks) it's like i'm offering cookies. funny to know there are other houses where the same thing happens!

Chara Michele

That is a lot of different colors of sharpies! I didn't even know that they made that many different colors.


Sharpies are the best. Each time I go to the newspaper store I have to resist the urge to try out new ones on the sample paper they provide.


ohmygosh i love sharpies. i don't usually let my kids use them either but as they've gotten older they ask more often. your collection is quite impressive!


What IS it about sharpies?? My daughter and I both go nuts over them (she has more than me!).


okay... if I ever can't find a sharpie again, I'm comin' over to your house. this is me jealous!


Oh, so many delicious colors! I love having my own markers & crayons, colored pencils...My nieces think I'm the "cool" aunt as I have these and willingly share with them :o) I have a thing for school supplies, even after all these years--markers, crayons, fresh pads of paper...Happy Days! :o)


So funny! My father had a set of gorgeous markers in his office that he used for his illustrations - the points had to remain sharp for the work he was doing (so little hands weren't supposed to smoosh them onto paper, the way little hands like to so when they get a hold of markers). I remember what a special treat it was when I got to use them for a bit while I visited his office. Your girls must feel the same!


Smart... your markers! What a concept!

My kids have totally ruined my markers... so I might need to buy some new ones + label them as mummy's :) Love the vase.


love the rainbow of colors in a beautiful mccoy!

Sharpies.......ahhhh.....we use them to mark our golf balls!


I have my own set too, although not housed in quite the lovely way that yours are. My kids help themselves from time to time - they are still young so my sharpies ALWAYS end up making a terrific mess!


In my house, our can of these are called, "Mama markers!" And I don't share. EVER. My kids look on them with fear and adoration, whispering, "if you tough those, your fingers will be colored. FOR-E-VERRRRR!" :-)

cristina - string*THEORY

sharpies really are the best. i cant believe you share them....i have mine locked away:)
p.s. i got your email - can't wait:)
p.s. again....i think i might try your sunny day dress tutorial this a big-girl size - wish me luck:)


GORGEOUS! Funny, my husband and I got into a huge fight just thing morning because he "STOLE MY SILVER SHARPIE!"


I thought I was the only one with a Sharpie addiction. Costco has a BIG pack with every color under the sun. So much fun!




that's a great photo...and now you have got me wanting to start my own sharpie collection.


cool photo. i like that guy sticking out of the bunch like he's looking to be used next.

totally hear you on having to have your own marker stash. i love the super fine point sharpies! have you tried the martha fine point markers? i got one to try from michael's - it is very similar to the super fine sharpies but of course the color pallette is all martha-like.


sharpies make my day

Erin S.

Sharpie Heaven!


My friend's little boy recently got ahold of one of her sharpies and drew roads all over the furniture, floors, walls. Sharpies are fun for all ages! : ) (my friend didn't think so.)


oooh ... i just love sharpies. so does claudia - she's drawn some lovely pictures with blue sharpies. on. our. floor.

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