The Coffee Fairy


Erin S

Awk...look at all that shelf/storage space! Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin.


Great display!
Love all your objects of beauty!


Those are the shelves in my dreams *smile* I need to show my husband this so we can keep it in the back of our heads when we finally buy a house!


i LOVE looking at peoples bookshelves, thanks SO much! I love the displays you created, and the artwork mixed in, what a treasure!


Ahhhh - books dear sweet books and their perfect shelves. I'm very jealous (in a nice way of course) of the whole wall you have!


Oooh! You're having fun with that new lens, huh? Fun shots - I love your pottery collectin, and the girls' creations are adorable.


Oooh! You're having fun with that new lens, huh? Fun shots - I love your pottery collectin, and the girls' creations are adorable.

Sarah Jackson

Umm... can you come to Phoenix and reorganize my shelves? Yours look so much better than mine. No? Okay, well I tried. Sigh.


Wonderful! I love shelves. you can't go wrong in a room with lots of shelves.


Love the shelves, especially the green behind, and all the kiddie art. And hey, I have one of your McCoy pots, only in turquoise... the lattice number by the froggie!


Always gotta love a new camera lens!


Oh, I love it all. I wish we had a space like that. WE had one like yours in the house I grew up in. I remember having to dust it every week. I loved looking at it, but not the dusting. There were so many nicnacks, including some of my grandmother's collectibles, that it was really tiring and cumbersome. But I love the space you've created. It speaks of home.


Congrats on the new your shelves. xo


greens are tricky, but you picked a good one!


those pics say so much about your lives. your girls. your books. the pictures. your life!


Oooh! I love looking at your stuff! Our shelves are no where neat enough to do anything of the sort on the blog.

Carrie S.

I love that you painted the back wall of the shelves...and of course, I love the color too! So pretty and fresh!


LOVE your shelves! Love the green background. LOVE your LENS. Love love love.


Um, can I move into your house? Seriously. I love it!


From visiting your site you have seriously made me a fan of green. Lovely bookshelves. Love em.


What a beautiful wall of shelving you have... and I just love that green wall paint!


What a great collection of items on those fantastic shelves!

I also have that wide angle lens. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun to play with :)

SilverLining Designs

What a great space - love all the shelves, storage and workspace and the natural artwork in the centre... the window.. love that! I think I have the same turqoise vase, but mine is Have a great weekend.


There is nothing like shelves to showcase all your treasures. I love your family room! And a new lens. How fabulous.


That could really be a picture of our den! Love how you have a window in the middle!


love your shelves + the kids artwork!

amy h

This will probably make you ill, but I, too, have that white quilt-y pot. But I accidentally left mine outside during a freeze, and it broke to pieces. Argh. I feel really bad I did that.

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