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Girl time and more peonies

This tree grew in only six months

...or it took Kate six months to embroider this shirt.  You choose the title.


She started this embroidery project in January.  The drawing is her own - I used a transfer pencil to trace it and then ironed it on to the shirt.  She picked it up now and again over the course of six months - most often when I was embroidering something.  She did the trunk first, then the pink flower, then the "hair", as she calls it.  I did the face.

When we took the hoop off, it had a nice big ring around it.  Yep, a big white circle where the hoop was and dirt and food and finger marks everywhere else.  I popped in the wash after a liberal application of stain stick and - voila! - a perfectly white tee!  Well, a white tee with a super cute smiley tree worn by a very proud five year old.

That's my girl.



Go KATE!!!!! So cool, and so stinking adorable too!

Account Deleted

oh, this is so fantastic! great job, kate!


Bravo Kate! Great job! Congrats on hanging in there and finishing your wonderful little tree...Hope I get to see it in person this week.


That's the cutest! Great job!


kate, i LOVE it! nice work!


What a great job she did!


Good for you Kate! It is beautiful.


wow, great job Kate!


Super cute shirt!


Wow! That's a really good job. She's only 5?


That's an awesome shirt, Kate! I want one, too! I love the "hair". :)

liz elayne

bravo to kate! this tree is fantastic and adorable...which makes the perfect T.


Great job on it, Kate! So pretty!

Also, Erin, did you put any stabilizer behind it? I've wondered if you can embroider right onto a tee without stabilizer?


good for you kate! just wonderful!


So So, love, love it!
great job KATE! :)


Wonderful work Kate! Very pretty design too.


that is fantastic! what a joy to be five and to create something and then be able to wear it proudly.


You know, I never once thought about having my five year old do embroidery. You have inspired me. Maybe she and I can try something like this. Very nice!


Very impressive for a 5 year old! Great job Kate! :)


Too freaking adorable!!! Look at your little girl following in your footsteps. The shirt is so sweet, and the image of the clean white cirle surrounded by dirt is too funny.

Mama Urchin

What a wonderful job!


way to go girl!

cristina - string*THEORY

i'm sure your so proud + i LOVE it.
i also love....MY NEW YELLOW CLUTCH!! YEEEE i seriusly squealed when i got it. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!


Super cute... well done!


you must be so proud! I'm really impressed. The drawing is fantastic! What an artist. Gee, I wonder where she gets her talent from?


Oh my Kate! It is spectacular!!! Your are so talented. You must take after your mommy... and maybe some of your daddy, too?

Erin S.

A job well done Kate!


That's so awesome! What an adorable tee. I'm so hoping that my daughter will want to join me in stitching very soon. Maybe it's time to try those lacing cards again...


Clever Kate! I love your little tree :)


good job kate! isn't it awesome to share your passion with your gal?

Sarah Jackson

Love that! she did such a great job. Okay, the embroidery thread and other supplies are going into the travel bag. You're always such an inspiration!

jules and rubies

What a precious shirt! Very cute design indeed!


Oh, you both should be proud! How cute is that! I love it.


What talent..... exceptional for her age, truly!

It's just perfect!


That is the sweetest shirt I have ever seen!


love that shirt! nice job Kate!


That's fantastic! Go Kate!


i would choose the title ... 'the cutest tree shirt there is'.


Hi Erin -
You have the cutest girls, the best appliqued tees and I love your project & eye for color. I really enjoy your blog and hope to try some applique on my own t-shirts soon. Kate's embroidered tee is really cute too!

Carrie S.

Be still, my sweet!


What a clever girl! Very impressive.


Okay, I think this is the BEST embroidery shirt EVER!!! Great job Kate!


Way to go Kate... you could certainly teach me a thing or two! Your shirt is beautiful!

isabel f.

5 years old????
great work!! keep doing it! even she takes 1 year to do it!
it looks just great!!
well done Kate!

Chara Michele

What a great job Kate!

Was this her first embroidery project? I love how she used her own drawing:)


Oh that's just perfect! What a clever girl!


great job kate... what a great idea.... maybe I can get my 7 year old step son into it.... would make a great present for his mum
luv Abby


oh, that's so cute! what a creative girl (and mom).


That is absolutely adorable! What a special project :)


That is amazing! Such dexterity and six months, that's nothing. Hey, don't rush genius.

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