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By the numbers

The 9 hour journey to Telluride did not take 9 hours.


Flights: 3
Take-offs and landings: 4
Planes: 5
Airports: 4
Hours spent at O'Hare: 13
Food vouchers redeemed:  9
Hotels visited: 1 (Denver)
Hours awake: 22
Hours asleep: 6
Drinks spilled: 6 (4 for Kate, 2 for Jane)
Crying episodes: 3 (1 for each of us)
Books read: 2
Granny squares crocheted: 1
DVDs watched: 1
Resilient kids: 2
Tired mom: 1


It took 31 hours to get here, but seeing my parents and the view made it all OK.

We are on summer vacation for the next two weeks.  The kiddos are at day camp and I have lots of free time.  I brought the crochet and some embroidery and I have some other projects to share, too.  I plan on some site construction to revamp the blog and I am sure I will take lots of photos while I am here.  But right now, I am going to take a nap.  See you when I wake.



A nap. I want a nap.
Enjoy your break. I hope it doesn't take 31 hours to get back home...


Wow. Makes me glad that I drove on my summer trip. However the view and the alone time look glorious. Enjoy!


woa. makes me glad that my kids are not good travelers. such an excuse NOT to fly! :)


Oh boy! Perhaps that doesn't bode so well for me. I'm supposed to be flying on Wednesday and there have many delays out of Minneapolis this summer.

But kudos for kids for hanging in there and only crying three times. With that many flights I probably would've cried at least that much on my own. :)


my husband always says "Time to spare, travel by air". Ugh.


wow. That stinks. But hey, you're there + it is so worth it :)
Enjoy! I hope the next two weeks are fun + relaxing.

Alicia A.

Have a wonderful and RESTFUL vacation!


You need two weeks to recover! Love that photo of the upside down girls! Have a good rest....just sit and stare at the beauty!


What a splendid view!
Enjoy your vacation!


Oh my, I am having nightmares just thinking about it.


Have a GREAT vacation!


Seems like a mammoth trip! You could have gone to Japan!! I would just love to be living with a view like that!! It is just amazing - look at those clouds in the sky...can't wait to see more pictures - enjoy the crafting time and time with your parents!! I will go back to listen to the Bluegrass CD from the Telluride Festival that my friend brought me from colorado last summer....


that view. that sky. enjoy it all.


Wow, what a view! I hope you get plenty of R&R!

Safe travels!


happy happy happy vacation. love that view.


just the thought of it makes me tired...


Yikes! That sounds rough, but worth it :-)


That is insane! What kind of weather did you run into!! So glad you made it. Telluride is heaven!
It's so so so hot here today...anywhere has to be better!
See you soon.


lordy. hope you had a good nap.
great view, btw.


Times like that...you have to go with the flow. What else can you do?! Now...you relax, enjoy, breathe it all in and let those troubles fall to the wayside. Have fun! And thanks for sharing the landscape with us!


Oh my! Good thing you have two weeks to recover.


That sounds hellish and those seats look kinda familiar...
I hope you have a truly wonderful time! Can't wait to see what turns up after this creative respite.


That sounds hellish and those seats look kinda familiar...
I hope you have a truly wonderful time! Can't wait to see what turns up after this creative respite.


ouch! that trip sounds like a killer. enjoy your vacation!


Yikes, 13 hours in O'Hare. That place gives me the heebie-jeebies. Hope your vacation is wonderful!


I feel your pain - having traveled with children on long flights before. Have a lovely, lovely time!


yay summer vacation, none for me, but you should go ahead and enjoy it enough for the both of us!!


Love the way you have started your post. LOL.
Enjoy your holiday. Can't wait to see what you have made and all your photos.

Tips Of All Sorts

Have fun! clara

Account Deleted

sounds like a rough beginning.
have a terrific vacation!


Oh, you poor sweeties all of you! Hope you're getting some good rest now and off enjoying yourself--have a grand time! Super cute pic of the girls! :o)


Sorry for the LOOOOONNNGGG journey! Glad you are there safe and sound and in your parents hands!
Have a wonderful time!
Yes, that view, enjoy the view!


Sounds exhausting but it looks beautiful! Have a wonderful time! Love the picture of the girls at the airport!


Oh my goodness - 13 hours at O'Hare? I'm amazed you all only cried once each! We went to a hang gliding festival in Telluride many many moons ago and I have fond memories of it as a beautiful place. I hope you all have a fantastic time!


oh. my. glad you're there safe and sound, finally!
enjoy the time, erin.

Carrie S.

It shouldn't take that long to go anywhere! You poor thing! Enjoy your vacation! XO


The journey is sometimes what makes us appreciate the destination all the more. Enjoy, RELAX you deserve it. Cute photo of the girls....love that view.xoxo


Ack! egad. that sounds horrible. But I'm so glad you got there safe and sound. And that is one beautiful view. Enjoy!!!


Wow! What an amazing place to recover from that horrible journey! Enjoy your break!

Lisa Clarke

Oh my gosh, I'd have cried, too! Glad you have enough vacation time left to enjoy!

Chara Michele

Oh my goodness... I hope you enjoy your vacation (especially after those 31 hours!). :)

erin s.

A trip from hell no doubt. Glad you arrived safely and can look back on your journey to Telluride as an adventure. The scenery is breathtaking! Enjoy your holidays Erin!


wow - well, it looks like it was all worth it. Your parents house is amazingly beautiful - you are very lucky :)

Sounds like a wonderful break you'll be having. Makes me realise I need one too.



Love the pictures! And yeah, kids, weather and airports, as I've said before, there should be merit badges for this kind of thing :-)


Hysterical photo and post (at least to a blog reader) - but to you... probably not so funny.

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