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I don't want you to think that I have abandoned my sewing machine.  I swear I haven't!  I am working on a couple projects that I am not ready to blog about.  I hate secrets, but that's the way it has to be for now.

What I can and want to talk about is Amy Karol's fabulous new book, Bend-the-Rules Sewing.


First off, I love the title!  Love it!  Mostly because I do bend the rules when it comes to sewing.  I fully admit to being a lazy sewer at times.  I am glad I know the right way to sew because it comes in handy when I want to take some short cuts.  I know what I can get away with.  Case in point:  the Heidi Headband.


I made this a couple of weeks ago in about 15 minutes.  I kid you not.  I used a scrap of brown silk and some gorgeous ribbon that Nolan and Georgia gave me for Christmas.  In the book, Amy calls for twill tape so you can tie the headband at the nape of your neck.  I substituted elastic and when the piece I sewed in was way too big, I cut it and then zig zagged it together at the right length.  I also used whatever bobbin was in the machine because no one but me will see the back side of the headband.  See, I do know what I can get away with.


Fuzzy photo, but you get the idea.  I have worn it over and over.  I am going to make a lot more of these for me and for the girls.

There are so many wonderful projects in this book.  I want to make the bibs for the babies that will be born into our family this fall, the clutch, the wallet, the small quilt and more.  Check out the flickr group for the book - there is plenty of inspiration there, too.  I am going to recommend this book to anyone who asks - it is perfect for a beginner, but has great projects for those of us with more sewing experience.  And I just love Amy's easy, witty manner - it makes for a good read.



AHhh! Another book to add to my MUST have list! :)
Cute headband.......nice bending the rules! :)


I wish I had long hair! I love the headband.


I've yet to get my hands on the book, but I'm sure it's wonderful. I too like the title because I don't follow crafting rules very well either.


great little project! thanks for sharing your tricks and tips, erin.


Cute headband! That's my next project too.

cristina - string*THEORY

the book really is fantastic as is your headband. i'm the same boat as you in terms of bending the rules + lazy sewing (although it doesnt show in your work!).


This really is a lovely book. I had a chance to peruse mine on vacation. I couldn't agree more about "bending the rules", I don't believe I could sew anything without doing that! I'm horrible at following proper directions.

Mama Urchin

I'm waiting for my copy to arrive and then I'm hoping to get some sewing time this weekend.


i gotta get me that book! love. it. and that headband rocks babe!


I love your headband. I just got this book last week and was thinking how great my S would look in them. I also thought I might try one for me. I can't wait to see what you're up to. :0)


your headband looks so great!
i hope to get that book soon.


Love the headband! Thanks for the great review on the book. It really seems to be a winner. Heading to the bookstore later this week... maybe I'll just pick it up!


fantastic! and thanks for your words of support xo


I've been thinking about getting this book for a while have sold it to me!


I love the book, too! I really want to make myself and my daughter some headbands---I just don't have any ribbon that's suitable right now...sigh.

erin s.

Thanks for the recommendation Erin. I am definitely a "rule bender" when it comes to sewing. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I will have to see if I can get my hands on a copy of that book. I love the Headband. Looks very cute on you too!


The headband is great! And I can't wait to get my hands on that book after all the bloggers talking it up so well!


yes- I love the book too. I am working on the lap blanket, but in twin size (x2, 1 for each daughter).

I actually had a conversation with my daughter about the meaning of the title and realized she totally sews her own way too and I think that will make her a terrific sewer!


lazy sewer here too. i worked in the theatre costume shop for my 5 years of college work study and realised that i loved sewing for costumes because the dont have to be "so" perfect. you only really need 2 colors of thread.... black and white. lol. and who will ever know if the hem is held together with hot glue or duct tape. lol


Sounds like a wonderful book... something a beginner like me could use!

BTW, your daughters certainly have your talent - how great to have a creative summer with their creative mama!


Ok, you convinced me... I need to get this book!!


ohw cool is that headband for summer?
can't wait to see the secret projects



What are your secret projects, huh? Tell us!
I can't wait to make some headbands for us too. Yours is so cute!


What are your secret projects, huh? Tell us!
I can't wait to make some headbands for us too. Yours is so cute!

luv Abby

hey there,
I just received my Bend the rules sewing and it is such a beautiful book.... I cant wait to sew sew sew....
luv Abby


I saw your helpful needle comments on feeling stitchy, and popped over here. I recently got that book too, thinking all along that I have always bent the rules too. Now that I sew things to sell, I am more careful, but I'm kind of lazy at times with my own things. Very cute headband! I want to make some of those next.

Tips Of All Sorts

I wish I could have one of the headbands! Perhaps it will be less painful on my head than those made of plastic. Ouch!

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