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I've got the fever

And I have it bad.


I have wanted to learn to crochet for a very long time.  Well, maybe re-learn as I am pretty sure that I crocheted some (simple chains) as a kid.  I don't know why, but the hook just intimidated me.  On a whim, I went to my local yarn store last Tuesday and bought this book recommended by Kristin.  It has nice projects in it and very good basic directions with lots of pictures.  Just my speed.  With some leftover bits of yarn and a F hook, I crocheted some small swatches.  By Tuesday night, I was two granny squares into my newest obsession.


I went back to yarn store on Thursday and settled on seven colors to make a granny square throw.  I bought all that I could there and then drove around town looking for the missing skeins.  And it was certainly meant to be because I found them all and some were even the right dye lots.


I am using Cashmerino Aran by Debbie Bliss.  I have said before, but here I go again:  I am in love with this yarn.  Soft, soft, soft and with some really wonderful colors:  lime green, another green, denim blue, gray, red, pink and chocolate brown.  I had bits of all of these colors (except the brown) left over from the 2006 hat knitting spree.


I am hooked.  14 down, 63 more to go.

And I think I need more yarn.


Mama Urchin

I have a few erika knight knitting books that have some lovely patterns and the photos are fabulous. The colors you've chosen are wonderful.


I too have been hooked on occasion. Recently I made the ripple afghan on Posie gets cozy. Every evening a different colored row. I did it as a shop model and was very sad to give it up. I'll make one for myself soon. There is something about crochet that just draws you in. I think like a bowl of popcorn you just can't stop till its done. Have a great time.


The squares look great! Looking forward to the finished product!

Carrie S.

Ah happens innocently, and quickly, doesn't it? I had gotten busy and put down my granny crochet, but looking at this has inspired me to pick it up and finish! Thank you darling!


Yep, just like I said, you're great at it! They are beautiful, and I just love those colors!


Almost makes me want to get hooked on crochet too (I knit) but I don't need one more hobby that I can't make enough time for... can't wait to see your finished afghan though!

luv Abby

fantastic.... cracheting is just a addictive as knitting... I think... cant wait to see the finshed work witha ll those gorgeous colours
luv Abby


oh no! not you, too!?!



I crocheted a TON when I was a kid. Even some as an adult too. I'm not even tempted in the slightest to go there at the moment (even though your squares are perfectly lovely). I can't wait to see your blanket!


How funny! My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was about 10. In the last few years I have picked it up again. However, I have always wanted to knit. I was drooling over you recent bag project and decided it was time to learn. So, much like your experience- I jumped in and gave it a try. I am still working out the kinks...but I am loving it! It is fun to try something new. If only we were closer to offer "live tutorials". Do you have any recommondations for a beginner's knitting book? Have fun!!

amanda bel

Oh, I love crochet!!! One of my favorite crafts! When you finish that blanket (it looks beautiful so far!) you should make some washcloths. I just use the cheap peaches and cream cotton yarn, but they are the best washcloths ever and my kiddo won't take a bath without them!


Go you! This will be one exquisite blankie. Gorgeous, gorgeous colours :)


Oh Erin! How could you?! You're gonna get me hooked too. I CAN NOT start one more project OR develop any new obsessions!!! I just love the colors you've picked out... as usual, you have a great eye!


I'm not looking!!! I just can't have another project to do!!

Your grannies are really turning out lovely though!


Love the colours! They look fabulous together, as usual!


Lovely. I'm a crochetaholic too and have the book you're using. Your granny squares don't look like a beginner's - my first ones were all over the place! Yes Cashmerino Aran is gorgeous - my first ever knitting as an adult was a scarf for my baby when I was pregnant using that green - she's 2 now and adores it. Can't wait to see the blanket!


I KNEW it!!!
It's a lovely hobby and very portable which is why I love it.
I love your grannies. The colors are great.


Oh, I like that pun, I am hooked! So glad to see you do it. The colors you've chosen are beautiful! Can't wait to see the blanket. I'm down to one round of all the colors in my blanket I'm making. So close.


Back in the early 1970's, I too was hooked on crochet with yarn. I purchased a book titled "Crochet with Squares". This is a great, no frills, book with plenty of projects for grannie squares. I made one of the jackets with a brown, coral and cream varigated yarn and added a zipper down the center front instead of buttons. It was one of the nicest projects I ever completed. I received many compliments. I don't know what happened to that jacket over the years, but wish I still had it. This book even has instructions for a sleeping bag!! If you would like the instructions for the jacket, just let me know, and I will send them to you. occasionally has this in stock.


This could be dangerous. I have enough of an obsession with fabric, I don't need to add yarn to the list (which is why I have been staying away from all things yarn related!!)


You are talented... I love the yarn colors and can't wait to see the finished throw!


The squares look super! Congrats on learning something new :)


Love those colors! Like delicious fruits with chocolate dip. Yum!


shut UP!!! i just picked up a hook for the first time last week!!! wow! i will have to cath up with your granny squares though!


Would you believe that I have had this book from the library for over 2 months, renewing it 3xs so I decided I better purchase it. My favorite project that I'm slowly working on is the small baskets but I'm not happy with the yarn I purchased, I want it to be sturdier but not rough feeling in my hands.

Southern Girl

The squares are beautiful. I haven't tried those yet, I think you are becoming an enabler of all things craft. I used to do Pop Warner cheering and your title made me think of a cheer - We got the fever, we're hot, we can't be stopped. (don't ask) :)


those look amazing! Crochet is so much fun and incredibly fast. Its good to be hooked!


They look awesome! Plus your enthusiasm is infectious. I bought a learn to crochet book a while ago and you make me want to actually use it.


Great job! I agree with the prior comment that said your squares do NOT look like beginners--it must be nice to be so good at EVERYTHING!


Love your colours and can so understand you are not only crocheting grannies now but have found a new obsession... addictive, isn't it?!


good for you for learning crochet! I love the colors you have chosen-your squares look GREAT.

Alicia A.

Sheesh, lady. Is there anything you can't do?! :)

I can't wait to see it all finished.

Sarah Jackson

Lovely! Your color choices are really beautiful.

I keep threatening to learn to crochet more than a chain. Maybe at the SnB this week...


seriously. i might get in trouble for this with other blogging friends, but this is by far my favorite granny square color combo. love it.
if I recall, you are a carpool lane knitter??!! is that you I remember taking those pictures?
this looks like a perfect project for that!


I know what you mean. I have just got into knitting again but there are only so many scarves & beanies I can make.


Hello Erin,
I love your blog and I must say I come here every day, althought I never left a coment. I am from Portugal, so I'm sorry for my bad spelling.

I just wanted to ask you something. I'm trying your sunny day top, but when I get to the part of correcting the shirring, I try to pull gently the elastic but in some parts, the thread as catched the elastic and it makes impossible to pull it. What have I done wrong, do you use a special needle in your machine?
Thank you and I'm sorry for my abuse.



Hello Erin,
I love your blog and I must say I come here every day, althought I never left a coment. I am from Portugal, so I'm sorry for my bad spelling.

I just wanted to ask you something. I'm trying your sunny day top, but when I get to the part of correcting the shirring, I try to pull gently the elastic but in some parts, the thread as catched the elastic and it makes impossible to pull it. What have I done wrong, do you use a special needle in your machine?
Thank you and I'm sorry for my abuse.



you say you're a beginner. i wonder what you'll be producing when you exit the beginner stage. looks great!

Suzie Sews

I too having been playing with the hook and wool, sadly for me you are well ahead of me, can I work out that granny squar? I can make flowers and belts and plain blankets but to atually read a pattern...I might have to nip to Amamzon and purchase that book
Really looking forward to seeing youWIP, well progress...
Suzie Sews


I have the wool but not the time. You have inspired me to have a go at least at one square! I love all the colours you have chosen. I too am a huge fan of green and have picked several different shades for mine mixed with lots of blues. Ahhh one day.....


OH WOW! I just found your blog and I love it!!! When I was looking at A Friend To Knit with I saw your Twirly Skirt Tutorial (which I'm totally going to do!) and then I found your blog. You have a great one! I need to check out all the great things you do.

Thanks for the inspiration!


P.S. Your squares look great! I too love Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.

erin s.

Oh Erin, once again you inspire me. The granny squares are lovely and colourful. I bought a great "How to Crochet" book a while back and it sits on the shelf collecting dust. Definitely on my list of things to do this summer!


That is something I have never tried, but you make it look very appealing! Love the colors, and cashmerino aran is the best! It will be lovely.


I have always wanted to learn to crochet granny squares, but it seems a book doesn't work for me and there's nobody around who could teach me... I'm very improessed by yours, the color combination is fabulous !!!

Cynical Knitting Gal

I LOVE this yarn too and you are doing such beautiful work! I will admit that I was a crochet girl long before a knitting girl.

Kim D.

It's completely addictive you know. When I first moved to the States and was waiting for my work permit/immigration status change, my dh's granny taught me how to crochet and I was completely hooked. I'm not so fond of it in other projects, except blankets and afghans. In fact, the one I made during that time with ...ick.... red heart, is still one of the blankets of choice whenever anyone doesn't feel good in our house. I'm sure that your family will have such fondness for your first hooked project too.

Amanda Veneman

This post of yours inspired me to start a granny square blanket last fall. It is now finished, though the colors aren't as beautiful as yours!! I would love to see any updates on your blanket =)

Bolmara De Marco

I like very much your granny proyect, I'm in love with crochet and specially with grannies. I'm from Argentina and I enjoy your blog, thank you .

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