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Mail::Lovely prints gifted to me by Jen.  How sweet is she?

Warning:  my photos do not do them justice.


I am in love with this itty bitty print.  I have a thing for houses and Jen's drawings are so gorgeous.  I love her other house prints, too.


This print is going in the sewing room/studio.  I love the shapes, the colors, the negative space - it is perfect.  I am really into green and yellow these days, too.  Something about this color combo makes me smile.  These prints were a wonderful surprise - thanks so much, Jen!  Check out the Swallowfield etsy shop for more wonderful artwork.  She has prints and original collages over there - all gorgeous!

Color week::green
One inside and one just outside the house.


cristina - string*THEORY

both so beautiful! and your sewing room is the perfect place for that kind of texture.


Friends are so great, especially the highly talented kind! Or, as in this case, the mutually highly talented kind.:-)

Account Deleted

i am blushing.


I do some major lurking around Jen's blog and etsy shop. Every once in a while, I post a little comment on Swallowfield. What an amazing design sense she has. And such bold yet intricate drawings. Love 'em. Lucky you!

erin s

How cool is that house!


Wow, this print is really very pretty. I'm jealous.


your mailman has been very busy, with the goings and the comings! :)


Oh I love the prints! She is such a talent. I have to go and check out her blog + store! You are one lucky girl Erin! But I've seen what you've been sending out + your partners are just as lucky as you!


i can't even tell you how much i love those! awesome!


how lucky you are! i am a green girl too... 3 rooms in my house, different shades of green. i'd probably do more but i live with others... ;)

Tips Of All Sorts

Nice things for someone nice,
huh? :-)


thanks for the tip...i've ordered a print of my own...hoping to inspire paint colors for my home!


those prints are beautiful erin. so glad you turned me on to her etsy shop and blog!

Chara Michele

Such lovely prints!

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