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Sock Elephant and Blue

Project::Sock Elephant


I made this little elephant for a birthday present.  The happy 6 year old promptly named her Ellie.  I used the pattern in this bookBlair was the one who turned me on to it, but I was skeptical.  My only other sock animal experience was not good.  Then I saw Blair's dog and decided to give it another go.  The elephant is not perfect (my mistakes), but the pattern was well written and the book is full of cute little critters.

Color week::Blue


The sky at dusk and


me wearing a light blue shirt.  I am also wearing these beautiful earrings from Susan - you just can't see them in the shot.

In other news, I taught myself a new craft and am aching to tell you all about it.  I'll save that for another day.  Let's just say, I'm hooked.  Happy Friday!



I just let out a squeal of delight - if this new craft is what I think it is! Can't wait for the big reveal!

And Ellie is adorable - love that stripey trunk!

Karen à Toronto

gosh he is cute !!
very nice choice of fabric, i mean sock ;o)

have a nice WE.


Oh! He's adorable! And whatever the craft is, I'm sure you'll be fantastic at it... you talented thing you.


I'm glad that the earrings fit today's color of the week, even if they're hiding! Have a great weekend.


he is so adorable I'm surprised your girls didn't kidnap him :)

I can't wait to see what new crafting project you've mastered. I'm sure to be inspired by you again!


the elephant is adorable and I love the sock you used.


I love the elephant. And I think I can guess what the new craft is...


Oh the elephant is so cute...I've debated getting the book, but I think I need to order it now!

ALSO...is it crochet...I just taught myself and love IT!!


Sweet elephant! And can't wait to hear about your new craft!! =)


Can I borrow your hair? Just for a few days? Seriously, your color is fantastic!


Oh Erin! That Ellie elephant! I have never before been inspired to make a sock creature but maybe it's in my near future. Look's like you're having a fun summer!


i have a sock animal book, too! another thing you have inspired me to pick up again. thanks!


the elephant is adorable. i love the patterned socks! i am loving all the sock critters floating around, but am nervous to try them myself.


I love the elephant! Sock animals are so fun. They would make great Christmas gifts, too. Thanks for sharing.


I just adore that sock elephant! Soooo cute! :o)


can't wait to hear more about your mystery craft. are you trying to "hook" us into reading another day? well shucks. i suppose i will! cute elephant too!


Ack! I LOVE him! Sooo cute and...
...um, elephanty.


Ahhh! I love that elephant!!!! He is absolutely adorable....hmmmm....I think I just gave away all of Libby's old tights!!!!
I bet you are learning to crochet....can't wait to see!

Anne K.

The elephant is cracking me up - so funny and so endearingly wonderful at the same time. Cuddly and floppy and the perfect take-along companion for a wee one. Thanks for sharing!!!


I think I recognize some striped Gymboree tights that Elle had last year. ;)

Can't wait to hear about your new craft!

Great self portrait.


What a *lucky* little girl. The elephant will be very loved, I'm sure.


Oh, that's gonna be one happy birthday gift when you she receives that elephant---sooo much fun! Can't wait for the new craft revealed...Happy Days! :o)


it's 6:30 am ... i just checked on Claudia & she is happily snuggled up with Ellie.

Chara Michele

That sock elephant is adorable!

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