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Tissue Paper Flowers and Orange

Project::Tissue Paper Flowers

Kate received this paper flower kit for her birthday back in November.  Because the girls' birthdays are close to Christmas, I often put a few gifts aside for a rainy day.  We pulled the flower kit out a couple weeks ago and they have been making tissue paper flowers almost non-stop.



They are so easy and fun for kids of all ages (yeah, I like making them, too).  They would make great party decorations.  Actually, we made some red and blue ones for the Fourth of July, but they got ruined in the rain before I had a chance to take a photo.


Color week::Orange


The girls made my parents each a flower when they came to visit last week.  My mom wound hers around the handle of her new orange bag.  Jane and Kate really liked that.


Mama Urchin

Wow, those look great - even the soggy ones.


Fun flowers!! I'm really enjoying the color week. I'm playing too!! Thanks for the link.


Those flowers are so cool! But mostly? I'm LOVING your mom's orange bag!! Know where she got it?


Those flowers are wonderful!What a great project for kids...

And oh, I want your mum's orange bag. I absolutely love it!


Sweet flowers. I have an unused MS paper flower kit sitting in my studio closet...I keep thinking one of these days I'll use it. =)


They are beautiful.

I think Martha still has that tutorial up for making the tissue pom poms. I bet they would enjoy that too.


Very sweet and so cheery!


What a wonderful summer craft! I love that orange bag! Makes me want to make some more orange pincushions...


so pretty!
i think we'll be making some of those soon fo' sho'.


nice work! they are lovely, and your mom looks just super sophisticated with her bag blooms! :)


gorgeous. i love that your mom did that!! how sweet. you are always filling your life with happy creations.


i love that creativity runs in the family. and i love your mom's orange bag.


We love tissue paper flowers in our house too! They even look good soggy. :)
And your moms orange bag?! AWESOME!


Who is Martha? and where is her tutorial?! Those are so cute! I would love to use that as a rainy day activity with my little girl!


hey now! i could do that one with my gals! love the idea!

melissa f.

so nice. your family should be ever-so-thankful for tasteful crafting by the little people in their lives...

Tips Of All Sorts

paper flowers + orange bag = good match! :-)


The flowers, dinner and drinks were great. Thaks for including me!

chez shoes

This takes me back - I used to love making paper flowers as a kid.

I'm so coveting your mom's bag. Looks like it's a Tod's? Very nice!


OH, I remember making tissue paper flowers as child with my mom & sister...I was at a fair and won a HUGE tissue paper flower--it was bigger than I was at the time, I was 7, and it was bright pink and green...happy memories seeing your flowers here. Glad you had a super 4th! Happy Weekend to you & yours! :o)


Oh I LOVE those paper flowers and remember making them as child. How fun. We have been meaning to get that kit. xoxo


I made these with my students around Mother's Day - they loved the results and I love the simplicity. Such a pretty way to spice up a corner (or your handbag)!


so adorable! i love how they just can' stop making them... *explosive*
Show them this, it'll blow their pompom minds!
(the Martha Tutorial)


So cute! I've been thinking about making some of these for the girl's room just to add a little splash of something ;-)


this flosers are just so superfine!

linda p

those flowers are so pretty, esp on your mom's bag!


Lovely -- even the soggy ones! Good idea to save some presents from that crazy time of year for the quieter times. Oh, and thanks for the fat quarters tip!

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