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Yellow on the 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July!
Completely unpatriotic post to follow as we haven't done any celebrating yet.  Hopefully I will have some photos to share tomorrow.

::Knitting and Color week::Yellow




Remember this?  Well, it is a knitted purse for a friend lined in vintage fabric that I received from Hannah.

I used the leftover yarn to make this little clutch for Cristina and our moo card swap.



The clutch was supposed to be a zippered pouch.

I sat down one afternoon while hanging out with my friend Jodi and knit up a cabled rectangle.  I made it up as I went along so I am not sure if I can recreate it or not.  Anyhow, fast forward to the part where I want to line the pouch and put in the zipper.  Um, big problem.  I didn't think that to line it and put in a zipper, the knitted piece would need to be two pieces instead of one.  I tried it anyhow - I made a double lining and put the zipper in.  Crap, I tell you!  I ripped the zipper out and tore the lining apart and threw it to the side.  Then it hit me - a flap!  I grabbed the needles, picked up some stitches and knit the flap complete with button hole.  I finished it up by reworking the half of the original lining and hand sewing it in.  And you know what?  I like much more than I would have liked the zippered version.   Cristina likes it, too - phew!

Hope you have a nice holiday!



Happy 4th to you & yours! Love the bag & clutch, I like the yarn & fabric parings. The button works! :o)


You are so amazing! They are beautiful. You're making me want to learn to knit. Have a wonderful 4th, Erin!


The clutch is so cute - that lining really makes it. And the button is so much better than any zipper could ever be.


brilliant clutch, erin! i love your process and the amazing results!

chez shoes

Love them both, but especially the little clutch. If you ever recreate and publish the pattern, I'll be the one jumping for joy :)

Meanwhile, I may try to come up with one on my own. Any excuse to knit a cable!


I love the yellow! Have a wonderful 4th!


These are SOOO cute! I love the little clutch. I should make something like that for my daughter--she loves little pouches and purses to hold her treasures (like rocks)...

jennifer w.

Have a fun red, white, blue and -- yellow 4th!


Oh I saw your clutch on Cristina's blog + thought it was amazing! It's just beautiful and I love the lining! And the button is perfect.

happy 4th to you and your family!

erin s

Erin I love the clutch. It's gorgeous. You are a very talented knitter I must say.

Happy Fourth of July.

julie (jane's apron)

I'm just amazed that you can sit down one afteroon and knit that cute little! And of top of that, it's a great color.

Mama Urchin

I really like the cable bag. I've been wanting to try one similar.


Those are GORGEOUS! They totally reminded me that I intend to carry a knit bag this Fall-time to go shopping!


HI Erin! I love your "yellow" 4th! The purse is so beautiful, as is the moocard holder. Never thought of a holder for my moo cards, now I'm inspired!


I love how they both turned out! And the lining on both is beautiful.


happy 4th to you!
that pouch is amazing. i might have to try knitting again. but i might need a lesson. from you!


oooh those little bags are quite delicious...I love the fuzzy yellow yarn too. Now how did you attach the bag to the handles? Are those stitches or what? Love the clutch without the zip, it looks gorgeous!

luv Abby

wow cute... I am always looking for little purses and things what a fba idea... might have to whip one up myslef....thanx heaps for the inspiration hehe
luv Abby


You are so incredibly talented! I love the yellow... it's super cute! You're t-shirts from the other day are awesome too! Enjoy your day... it's going to be a hot one here!


love, love, love them both, erin~!
do you have a pattern for the purse? love the color, the handles, the fabric....EVERYTHING about it!
Hope your 4th was excellent!~


What a cute bag I love the yellow and the vintage fabric is great


You have a very lucky friend! I love them both!


The bags are cute...I wish I could knit! I stick to the garden variety scarf for my knitting projects. Maybe Suzanne will make me one for Christmas...hint hint.


love the shade of yellow! :) The clutch is amazing.


I'm totally digging the yellow and both the linings in your clutches.


Ooh this is beautiful! Mind if I link to it?


Ok...I LOVE that yellow purse. How gorgeous and how smart of you to figure out the lining problem. You are super talented.xo


Ok...I LOVE that yellow purse. How gorgeous and how smart of you to figure out the lining problem. You are super talented.xo

Southern Girl

I love the purse, I mean love!! I have been wanting to experience with cables and I think you may be my motivation with this bag. :-)


oh, i am aching with envy over that exquisite yellow clutch!

cristina - string*THEORY

ha!! what a fun story. i always have trouble wrapping my mind around the zipper...turning things inside out...lining thing.
well...i really do love it the way it is...i've been using it as a clutch:)

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