I like surprises...
This just in



oh me too. i try to stay away from superbuzzy, or i'll never make it out alive! nice picks, though.


such darling fabric! I've neevr bought anything from superbuzzy... but i think i might just have to!


I love your selections.
You just inspiried me to spend $47 at Superbuzzy this morning. At first I was angry with you but now I'm just super excited to get my fabric!! Thanks!:)


I'm right there with you on the fabric addiction. :) Love your selections, can't wait to see what you make.


so are all of us fabric-addicts just enabling each other through these blogs?

maybe we should have support group blogs instead? :)

Chara Michele

Oh such lovely fabrics!!




Hi, my name is Sarah, and aren't we all?!?!


Hi my name is Dawn and I am addicted to fabric BIG time. Right there with you Erin. That's why blog land and flickr land is so dreamy...lots of other folks just like us. xoxo


LOL! I hear ya :)

liz elayne

oh how i know this feeling.
i have been going to superbuzzy every couple of days just drinking it all up. am going to have to place an order soon. not because i need to but because i simply have to.

such great colors and choices!


Hi Erin! Me too!!!!!


Hi Erin. I'm Nikki and I'm a fabriholic. There, I did step 1. I'm not even trying step 2; this addiciton is pure heaven.


At least you're not in denial. Do you really want to recover from this addiction?


addicted enough not to touch it? aaah!! that is the question..."will she actually USE it???"


You know, I only bought from Superbuzzy once... but I couldn't bring myself to actually cut the stuff! It's just so lovely! Beautiful choices, Erin.


My name is Beth and not only am I a fabric addict, I also hoard it well.


ooo, look at that! I have yet to buy fabric from superbuzzy, but I am so incredibly tempted.


I think you are going to turn me into one too! Such lovely fabrics. Love the graphic dots~


Me too, me too. I just can't seem to help myself. Do you have plans for these pieces?


Well, I suppose there are much worse things to be addicted to! I'm right there with ya!


oh dear, you're not alone!


Let me know if there any cure or hope for the rest of us that are fabric addicts but don't actually use it (or sew) as much as you do? Those fabrics are all irrestistible!


me, too. me, too. me, too. i can help you stay more addicted. very soon. my japanese goodness shop is opening next week!


Oh I heart Superbuzzy big time! I don't have a credit card for that very reason!


what a cute post today, erin. I love your fabrics. I, too, have a fabric addiction. (kinda goes without saying...)


You know I belong in this group too right?


should we start an fa group. do we need 12 steps? happened into a specialty quilting shop with brand new amyt butler today. the money flew out of my wallet like it had wings of its own. sigh. i am in love. and i am now coveting your good fortune!


I hear you! It's just all so very good! How's a girl to resist?


Welcome to the club! :D

erin s

Sounds like a pretty healthy addiction to me! Not like I'm addicted to fabric. Nope not me, not one bit! :o)


My name is Marianne and I am addicted to fabric and yarn....is this just an introductory meeting or what?


oh erin, oh erin. last night i went mad and went on a superbuzzy shopping spree for the first time. i bought at least 4 of the same fabrics as you! :) so it really makes me laugh to see this.


Hoi my name is Corry I'm addicted to fabric too!


here here! xot

Chelsea D.

Ha! I read your first sentence to my dh-he didn't feel as connected to it a humored by it am I am!


oh, Superbuzzy, I love you, too. Too bad you don't really fit into my budget, lol!

Nadia Lewis

Sweet Merciful Crap! I did not need to know that website existed. You are an evil, evil women, Mrs. Erin.

Hmm... But such pretty evil...

Ahhh!!! The evil is spreading! I am catching your disease!

Nadia Lewis

Sweet Merciful Crap! I did not need to know that website existed. You are an evil, evil women, Mrs. Erin.

Hmm... But such pretty evil...

Ahhh!!! The evil is spreading! I am catching your disease!

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