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The girls started school yesterday and they were ready.  Kate seemed a bit nervous the night before...kindergarten at a new school will do that for you.  I bought them each an alarm clock with a cd player.  Jane was up at 6:30 complaining that her alarm didn't wake her up.  Well, hon, that's because it is set for 6:45.  Oh.  Kate was awake in bed waiting for hers to beep.  So cute.  Kate asked me to put her hair in pig tails which I just love on her, but she doesn't ever want (be still my heart!).  They barely ate any breakfast and were ready to leave about 20 minutes before we needed to.  That left us plenty of time for the photo shoot.


We hopped in the car and before we pulled out of the driveway, I told them my expectations:  do your best, be nice to your classmates, use your manners, listen to your teacher and say good-bye to me every day before you get out of the car.  They almost forgot the last one.

The principal greeted us at school and asked Jane if she was going to help Kate.  Sure thing, said Jane.  They jumped out of the car with big smiles on their faces.  And me, I was smiling, too.  I was almost as excited as they were.   As I drove away, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Jane holding Kate's hand.  That's when I got teary.  It was the kind of moment I wish I had on film.  It was so sweet.

The tears didn't last long.  I got home, put on my running shoes and got some exercise.  Then came home and drank coffee, read blogs, flicked around on flickr and sewed.  And today, I am doing it again.  And tomorrow, more of the same.  Back to school never felt so good.



If I wasn't a teacher I would probably be doing the very same things! Cute uniforms.


I love the pig tails. The girls look too cute. Enjoy your 'kids in schools' time. I am sure we will be seeing some great creations from you :)


amen, sista! I love all the spare time. My house is clean, eBay is loaded and I get to thrift. Someday, I will have room to sew...


They look so cute! That is one of the things I love about having my kids close in age-they're really supportive of each other. I'm glad the first day went so well.

Alicia A.

Sounds like a nice transition already.

Good luck, little ladies!

Beth H

So sweet your two little ladies! AND..I'm so jealous of your free time. Only 5 more years to go for me...that is if we change our mind not to homeschool. Well, I'm in it for the long run I guess.


Sounds blissful. I'll have a second grader and kindergartener too this year. They start back after Labor Day and I can't wait! I probably won't get as much sewing, blogging or exercise as you since I'll still have #3 around. I guess I'll get plenty of exercise chasing a one year old. Not quite the same!


good to hear that mommy is adjusting well to this new schedule! :-)


They're so sweet in their little school outfits and matching backpacks! I hope my next one's a girl so I can do the matchy thing.
My little doll started preschool again this week. She actually asked to wear a dress on the first day!


Woooow! Is summer already over? Where on earth did all that time go? Seems like just yesterday I was reading about your summer plans with the girls.


Eleven more days until school starts here. I'm counting. Could you tell?

Stephanie Dosreis

Man I got teary eyes at the hand-holding part!
Enjoy the freedom!!


So cute! I love the backpacks.
Yay for back to school! We still have 2 weeks.


too sweet! what great sisters. my daughter has an alarm clock/cd player, too - and loves hers.


They are adorable. Good for you for getting through it with such grace. I'm sure when my little ones goes off, I'll be so sad and proud.


We will have the exact same senario playing out here in a few weeks. Big sister helping younger sister. I am sure I will have that brief teary moment as well. I have to say that the uniforms are awsome! We love them too! It makes getting ready so mindless. At 7am I need tasks that are mindless! Enjoy your days.

Mary Beth

Oh my gosh, you are so lucky to be a stay at home mom with two kids in school. Sounds like heaven. Enjoy.


Such a cute picture! Yay for you to get some hard-earned time for yourself.


Two weeks to go, two weeks to go - I'm fantasizing about that first kid free cup of coffee.

So sweet yours are to one another.


oh yippie for back to school... enjoy your own personal *time off*


Your little ones are absolutely beautiful, so sweet. I remember those days. My baby is about to enter 11th grade at the high school. It has flown by. Enjoy your time at home. Your blog is lovely.


this sounds perfect, erin. There's nothing that touches me more than seeing Emma help Mary, or seeing them from a distance going off somewhere holding hands. I love that. Some days you think you're not doing this parenting thing right, and then you see moments like that and you know it's working out okay.


continue to enjoy the back to school feeling. i guess it is your turn for a holiday now!


I can just feel the girls' excitement! I remember it well. So sweet that the went hand-in-hand. Sniff...sniff.

You enjoy your time...the days will just fly by!


I can just feel the girls' excitement! I remember it well. So sweet that the went hand-in-hand. Sniff...sniff.

You enjoy your time...the days will just fly by!


Aww, what a great picture of them! I have to admit, I am jealous of your time ;-)


Hey, lovely post. Ive busted out of my lurking state to give a FYI, "Don't display your children's names on clothing, backpacks, lunch boxes, or bicycle license plates. When children's names are visible, it may put them on a first-name basis with someone who means them harm."
There are countless versions of this on the web, this one is from an ivillage site.


sweet back to school moments! :)


We still have 13 days to go! I am sure I will be having the same feelings as well. I love their backpack tags. Did you make them?
Kim :)


Sweet picture, and even sweeter one in my head of the girls' holding hands as you drove must be so great having two daughters so close in age!


I love that you're not sobbing about your baby going off to Kindergarten and instead taking full advantage of your time. I can't wait for those days! Though... I will miss my girls. I love the picture!


Cute picture. Glad to know everything went well. Isn't it wonderful to have time to yourself to be able to indulge in some sewing and other things. Enjoy.

amy h

Holding hands? That is so, so sweet! :) They almost look like twins in their uniforms, since they are almost the same height.

Enjoy your days to yourself!

Sarah Jackson

Oh my gosh. That is so sweet. Can't wait to hear how the big day went.

Suzie Sews

Oh my this was reassuring, I wave off my last little one this term, in a weeks time, I am so sad, but just maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Suzie Sewws
PS those girls look so sweet


What a sweet moment! I can't imagine how that felt. So glad to hear little sisters being good to each other :)


I have been trying to get over here to leave a comment on this all day, but every time my attempt is thwarted by a phone call or a boy in need of help in some form or other, or ...

ANYWAY, they look so cute in their uniforms, their matching tennies and backpacks, and everything else so cutely coordinated. I teared up when I read about Jane holding Kate's hand.
And, I admit to being more than a bit jealous of your day sans kiddos. Of course, mine are wee-er, and there's that pesky homeschooling thing that I'm all into. lol. ;)
Such a sweet post. xoxo


Oh dang it! Now Im all teary, and its all your fault. Great photos of your sweet girlies. And love the zinnias below too.


parker starts preschool on monday and i can't wait for the peace. i love having my babes with me, but they are ready to spread their wings.

erin s

Glad back to school was a success! They look very sweet in the picture. My kids have one more week left of holidays. I hope I adjust as well as you!


Oh how sweet sweet sweet!
Your mornings sound just heavenly. Enjoy :)


Peace be with you Erin! I hope Kate came home bursting with details and happily tired with the newness of it all. And Jane pleased with the proud feeling of being the big sister at school.


I love your girls backpacks.
Your blogs sounds so sweet.
I so want your day.
I want to be able to stay away for 20 hours and sew.


Two weeks for me too! I will miss them like crazy, but oh are we sooo ready for a break from one another!


Oh you are so lucky! Back to school means back to school for me too:( Which means less time, less blogging, less jealous! Have a great year, I will live vicariously:)


What a sweet picture... glad the first day of school was a success! Is Jane a year older than Kate?


Such a sweet, precious moment...Glad everyone had a good back-to-school day, you too! Happy weekend to you all :o)


What a wonderful first day for them and for you :)


back to school is the best! because now we can get together for morning coffees again!


Such a sweet, sweet photo. The alarm clock story is very funny, remember that one, when you have to drag her bodily after the excitement wears off. Those back packs are really wonderful, especially as a pair!

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