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With all the alphabet posts finished and the kids in school, I actually managed to make something.  This is a craft blog, after all.


It's my first quilted bib and I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  What is there not to love about patchwork and bias tape after all?


I scooped up that chocolate brown linen on sale about a month ago and I am just crazy for it.  It is a pain in the you-know-what to embroider on, though.  I have a white pencil, but it doesn't show up too well.  Anyone have other suggestions for transferring images or text onto dark fabric?  I have a fairly large embroidery project in mind that I want to use dark blue linen for, but don't want to start unless I know I can transfer it successfully.

Thanks for all the back to school love - both girls had great first and second days.  We all love school.  Phew!  OK, the craft swap is on Monday.  I am about 75% finished...better get cracking.  Have a great weekend.  I will be back next week with some lovely show and tell.  The mailman has brought me some lovely packages in the past few weeks.  Oh yeah.



Oh my! How very cute and stylin' This will be one hip baby.
I found this site which has some ideas for transferring onto dark fabric:


Love the chocolate brown sooo much! And with the pink.....totally cute!
Lucky her name too!


LOVE IT! Did you use a pattern or just made it up as you went along? I have a brand new Great Nephew that needs some bibs...


oh- brown paired with any color is divine!

and the name eloise? so cute!

glad your kids are having fun in school. it really is a great time of year.



The Belangers

So cute!

How do I get involved in a craft swap? I soooo am wanting to be in one! :)


LOVELY!!! Absolutely adorable... Where ever did you find the brown linen? Great work and such a lucky girl!


fun, sweet, lovely. I wish I had thought of that bib first. I mean, the exact fabric, colors, etc. Because it's just beyond perfect.

Jessica Hood

that is too cute!


Its very pretty :)


Beautiful, I so love chocolate brown and pink.


Erin this is perhaps the most adorable bib I have ever seen! I love it! I would wear it :) It is soo soo cute! Congrats on another beautiful project. You are so talented.


The bib is just divine! love it to bits!! Your girls looked so sweet on their first day. Thanks for joining our little scrap swap! got your email

Sarah Jackson

so adorable! I'm glad to see that you're getting some crafting time in and that the girls love school. You might be inspiring some patchwork in my weekend.


How about soap? You might have to shave it down pretty small, but it could work. And it would wash right out.

Love the colors on the bib!

Mary Beth

Darling bib. Love the colors.


It's lovely!! I love the colour combo and the shaping around the neck.

amy h

I love the stitched name! I have no idea how you'd get the transfer to show up... What if you just stitched right through some really, really thin tracing paper with the line on it and then carefully ripped it off when you were done? I'm not much of an embroiderer -- maybe that is a really bad idea. :)


The bib is beautiful! I love the chocolate brown and pink!! I am looking forward to seeing all your parcels!!

erin s

Erin as usualy the bib is fantastic. Brown and pink have got to be my favourite colour combo. I just bought a really neat bowl on holidays that's brown and pink. Have a great weekend and good luck on all your crafting. :o)


that bib is adorable - i love the name eloise. and i'm a day late to say happy first day of school to the girls - they look so so cute. hope you aren't feeling too tender.


Sooo cute! Freshcut's my fave fabric too. :o)


that is toooooo sweet! love the bib and its good to have the crafty side of you back as well.


I love it! I have got to get some linen.


it is perfect!


Love this!! :)


I wonder if Quilt Pounce would work. Beautiful bib! And I know what you mean with the meme. Congratulations on finishing!


I wonder if Quilt Pounce would work. Beautiful bib! And I know what you mean with the meme. Congratulations on finishing!


Oh that bib is beautiful - just such a gorgeous combination of colours and the embroidery is perfect!


I have been rolling around in my head quilted placemats with fabric printed with names, words etc,, I love the big! Eloise will be stylin.

That picture of the girls...sweet! That is a great memory!


That has to be the cutest bib I've EVER seen?! Was it your own creation, or did you have a pattern for inspiration? Either way, just precious. On the pattern transfer...I like to use light-colored carbon paper when I'm working on dark fabrics. (You can buy a multi-pack and it will usually have pale pink, blue, yellow, green, white, etc.). Good luck!


erin, this turned out so sweet! i love the deep chocolate brown.


adorable bib! I love those colors together. I am also trying to find something for dark fabrics too! Let me know what you discover!


a craft blog indeed. and you are an amazing crafter. love the bib. and anxious to see what you made for the craft swap.


How cute is that? I might have to try something like that for a friend's new baby (don't you think that zoe would look super cute in that style too??)

I'm not much help on the transferring. I know I've seen some transfer paper for dark fabrics, or maybe some chalk?


This is one of my favorite color combinations. I just love chocolate brown. =)


love that bib. pink and brown together are one of my favorites. and the brown is so practical for a little bib. they get to be that color eventually, anyway.


I love the bib! I was going to use bias binding today for the first time but completely wussed out after I tried doing a corner. Ugh.

You can try putting tissue paper over the place you want to embroider and stitch through that. When you're done cut it away real real close to the stitches then just tug out the last bits with tweezers. Or try white carbon paper to transfer the outline but I never found carbon paper to be much good.


Oh, Erin! It's wonderful! I really like the colors and the embroidery is such a nice touch.


Very nice bib.

Dee Light

OOOOOOOOOO!!!! I love that bib, so cute!!!


That is really sweet, Erin...the colors/fabric combo and that bright pink tape are super!


this bib is just fabulous - ooh and - your overlocker was part 1 inspiration and yvonne's swap was part 2 - but it looks like i have one on the very near horizon too!!!! hooray - overlocker!!

And I really do love the bib you made. Must make astrid one.



Oh this is so lovely - and my favourite colours; pink & brown.

Chara Michele

Such a lovely little bib!

What about white transfer paper instead of a white pencil?


I use soap (might be too imprecise) or white / colored chalk.



I love this bib...could you PLEASE do a tutorial...we are going to be adopting a baby girl from Guatemala (we are currently on a waiting list with our I'd love to be able to sew a bunch of these while I wait for her arrival (might be "they" as we are open to more than one ;-)

I love the brown with the pink patchwork too. You are so talented, wish you could mentor me!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted
*I just posted my first knitted socks...come by and see!

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