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Our mailman has been busy.  Yesterday he brought me a wonderful package from Blair.




It is all so lovely!  I adore the bits of Japanese fabric and the "E" card is already hanging in the studio.  The log cabin sachets are just gorgeous - and they smell divine, too.  Did you notice that one of them is mostly green?  She must know me!  And do you see Blair's little label?  Ack!  It is so cute and positively perfect in every way.  Thank you, friend.  I love it all!


This is our first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) allotment!  Hooray!  It made me incredibly happy to find a group we could join this late in the game.  So until the end of October, we will have fresh, local produce.  We ate the cucumbers, the corn and a couple tomatoes last night.  The squash and the peppers will probably make up part of our meal tonight.  I used this website to locate a CSA in our area.  I know Cristina used it, too, and found a CSA on the other side of the country.  Take a look if you are interested.  Tonight I am hitting a small farmers' market in search of local meat.  Wish me luck.

And if this post weren't random enough, there is more.  I read Cassi's blog and decided to join her meme for August.  So beginning tomorrow, for the rest of the month, I will be posting an Encyclopedia of Me.  This summer has flown by and I am hoping by doing this, I can accomplish some things around the house and in the studio, play with the girls, relax and enjoy what is left of summer.  I plan on posting photos, too.  I can't promise that they will have anything to do with the day's topic as I seem to be caught up in photographing food these days.  It's the combination of good afternoon light by my kitchen sink and having food on the brain, I think.

Back tomorrow with the letter "a".



ooh the bounty!
both from blair - how lovely is she? and from csa - all that corn + squash, a true reflection of where you live.
love it all.


Oh, what a feast you have there...all those splendid veggies, and gifts...Happy Day! :o)


can't wait for the encyclopedia of you!!! i'm thinking about it as well!


So glad the package made it fast. And now you've got me thinking of joining in Cassi's meme, hmmmmm.

big hugs, enjoy!!!


Enjoy those fresh veggies + fruit. Good luck with the meat today.

Love the package from Blair. How fantastic are those sachets? And I agree, that label is adorable!

Lucky you!


Good meat luck to you! So looking forward to your encyclopedia... Have a wonderful day, E!


Lucky you with the summer bounty. I tried to join our local CSA but was too late in their season but I have marked the calendar for next year. :) As for meat, happy hunting...we have an Amish market that is only open Thurs-Sat and all of the meat is grown in PA and comes to MD for the market.

The encyclopedia sounds fun but I don't think I have the focus during this month but I can't wait to read more about you.

Have a great day!


such good stuff! love the satchel idea.


what a lovely package from Blair! I love the E card.


Ooo, that's a really sweet package. that label is a wonderful, whimsical touch. And those vegetables look wonderful.


Isn't it wonderful to get unexpected loveliness in the mail?


Cute sachets and yummy veggies!!


Great blog! And great blog name. I can't wait to read more.


That all looks so lovely! It makes me want to head straight to the farmers market on Saturday morning. Mmmm...


Your fresh produce looks so delicious... I may need to look into finding a local CSA! The encyclopedia meme sounds like fun.


that blair can put together a lovely package! she's a sweetheart.

Chara Michele

What a lovely package!
I am doing the encyclopedia of me theme this month too. I already posted a. Definitely think it is going to be fun to come up with different ideas for each letter:)


wow. again everything looks great. love the e, too. and those vegies look amazing. and really looking forward to you doing an encyclopedia of yourself. i'm tempted to join in the fun.


That apple is so impossibly cute! I love it!


ahhhh pretty stuff and yummy stuff! Lucky thing!


too weird! i had my first shipment of CSA this week!!!!!
i guess it is all the rage.....is this the full share/non organic..........that is what i ended up doing because i wanted fruit..........i may end up switching, but was told mostly green veggies........hmmmm.

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