and Z



yay! you got through the alphabet!


I love yarn ... your latest looks gorgeous. I do need to ask, however - what is a carpool line?


Love the yarn. I'm not a knitter but I usually bind a quilt in the carpool line. I feel so productive.


The yarn is beautiful.
Now you have me thinking of what project I should do while in the carpool line too!


That yarn looks delicious! What a pair of knee socks it will make.


I so wish that I could knit I'm really having a serious urge for handmade socks. I think I'm going to have to break down and take a class or something.

And.... X is for my middle name. I'll turn your yarn into gold if you can guess it :-)


I wonder how that yarn would knit up in this pattern~
Enjoy the carpool line, it really is one of those great school day treats.


What yummy yarn! Can't wait to see it knit up.


I love the seize diamondbacks from yarn ball boogie.

Mary Beth

Hey, we have that same xylophone! That's a really nice picture of it.


I don't have a xylophone! What the heck am I going to photograph for X?
I remember the first time I read your blog you were knitting in the carpool lane. I'm knitting in the "soccer lane" these days, since practice never seems to end on time.


that yarn is yummy. (trying to use a 'y' in my description for extra points)....

that xylophone picture is really good, too! we still have the old pull behind kind that I had when I was a kid. it's such a classic (make a lot of noise when mom is on the phone) toy!


My oh my that yarn is SO PRETTY!!! I think it would make some amazingly beautiful knee socks!


All of Cookie A's sock patterns are stunning, knee socks and otherwise.


Varigated yarns probably aren't the best choice for them though.

You could use the generic sock recipe/pattern linked to in the Streets & Yos post annzy mentioned (I have other links to similar formulas if you'd like them) or you could go with some other simple pattern. This *might* work


but again, it could be too much pattern for a varigated yarn.

Good luck hunting for the perfect pattern.


Pretty yarn....love that xylophone!
Boy you are almost done with this meme. I bet you are saving Z for your big finish....hope your weekend was super duper. xoxo


I love that you document your car pool line projects!


that yarn is so yummy!

I wish I could knit socks...is it hard? Not that I need more to do....


I love the xylophone! The only other thing I could have suggested would have been X-men - my favourite super heros!!

amy h

X is a hard one. Gen X? That is kind of lame though. :)


My question is did you really have the xylophone laying around your house? Aren't your girls getting a little old for that? Hee hee.


Yes, just the basic sock from street and yo's would be GREAT...with that yarn. I do like a 2x2 rib or 3x1 rib, they stay up a little better....but if not, i just do a rib on top and hand sew elastic thread around the top...you know, under the stitches....it won't show.


that yarn is so pretty. what is it?


i love how you are holding out z. how funny. can't wait for the knee socks!

Lisa R-P

I made an ABC scrapbook for my daughter when she was 2. X was so hard.

That yarn is beautiful -- can't wait to see the socks.


The photos are so colourful and pretty!! And that yarn will make the coolest socks.


Juicy yarn! :o)

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