X, Y
Off they go

and Z

...is for zinnias.  They are one of my favorite flowers, especially in a tin can or a mason jar.  This McCoy vase works pretty well, too.


...is for zippers.  I love sewing notions and colorful happy zippers make me smile.  I am also working on a tutorial to show you how to put a zipper in a pillow.  I should have it up sometime next week.  It's easy.  Really.

Now you know my abc's....thanks so much for playing along with me.



you made it through! congratulations. love those zinnias.


Those flowers are so pretty.
I'm looking forward to that tutorial. I need it:-)


bravo for making to through the alphabet -- it's been such fun reading along. great flowers!
be well, sarah


Hooray - you made it! Now if I could only come up with something original for 'O'. Zinnias was inspired - I've really enjoyed your a to z. Thanks.


Hurray! I'm so glad you kept with it. It's been fun getting to know you more. Can't wait for the zipper tutorial. : )


Pretty, happy zinnias.
Congrats on making it to the end.


awesome - i do love pillows.

andrea duncan

glad you stuck with it until the end!

can't wait for the zipper tutorial!


Beautiful zinnias! Loved reading all of your ABC's--way to stick it out. I'm looking forward to the zipper tutorial (zipper is in que for my "Z" too...but more because they give me so much trouble!)

Lisa Clarke

My Z was for Zinnias, too!


wow!thanks to you, i think i have to do it too!!! Next week!


thank you! that went way too fast. can you do it again?


wow zipper pillow! so whatever i'm hiding inside the pillow won't fall out that easily. ;-)


Beautiful flowers. I love them too and so easy to grow. Can't wait for the zipper tut.


You did it! And I love the cute rhyme at the end. :0)

Mary Beth

Ooh, I'm looking forward to the zipper tutorial. Thanks in advance!

Andrea Heinz

yay! I have the project waiting to go! I was supposed to see my Mom this week so could teach me, but our vacation plans fell through. thanks for doing a tutorial!


oooh ... zinnias are among my faves too. they are the only thing i have ever planted from seed that actually grew, into an actual, real life little cutting garden. ahhh. zinnias. good memories of my brief shining moment with a green thumb. may just have to go to your zipper tutorial as well ... after recent road trip, i think zippers will need to replace velcro on airstream upholstery.


Congrats on finishing a beautiful encyclopedia of me!


Yay! You're done! I'll be done tomorrow and will then be under pressure to actually make something to blog about again...


It really was fun learning so much about you!


What beautiful flowers.


YEAH for Zinnias! They are one of my favorite flowers! So happy! I have about seven different vases around the house with them in (including a mason jar vase!)!
Also, I can't wait for that zipper tutorial. For some reason my zipper escapades never turn out right (and yes, I am using a zipper foot).


i think you're the only one i've seen make it to the end. hooray! lovely shot of the zinnias.


Lovely lovely! How does it feel to be at the end? :) You did a wonderful job but it seemed to go by so quickly. What will you blog about next, now that your done? Zinnias are my mom's very favorite flower. She plants them every year in her vegetable garden and always has big vases and jars of them sitting around the house. Can't wait for the zipper tutorial. I can definitely get them in, but I'm always on the lookout for a better way to get a job done.


Well done! I'm only up to "N". I need to get cracking!


Congratulations on finishing the meme! I enjoyed every letter and am glad you stuck with it! -kb


Beautiful zinnias! And I am sooo waiting for that zipper tut!


the zinnias are lovely erin. as were all of your entries this month. thanks for sharing.


I love your McCoy vase I also have a small collection of McCoy. The zinnas are also very pretty I love there vibriant colors


zinnias! what a perfect ending.

I can't wait for that tute! I need a good zipper tutorial.


Zinnias and mccoys, beautiful mix!


loved your alphabet. I am impressed that you made it though!

Chara Michele

Such pretty flowers!


It was great to be able to sit down and read your whole list from start to finish, since I'd been "internetless" for so much of this project. It was fun to learn some new tidbits about you, and I was so impressed with the photos you included. It's incredible how much your photo-taking skills have developed through time.

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