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pink ric rac

Man, you are awesome! :) I gave up knitting after two classes...I still didn't know how to cast off. I have one scarf that has been waiting to be finished since last summer. I keep saying, "Oh, I have plenty of time to finish it before winter!" and here we are...another year later and fall is right around the corner. :( Keep it're inspiring me to keep on with it!


i hear ya!


knit away, my friend.


It's so strange that everyone seems to be taking up their knitting again. It must be the changing of the seasons.

Sarah Jackson

Is that a swatch for a new sweater that I see? I've been all over the knitting too. Probably because my sewing machine is at the repair shop. Sniff.


Oh sure, rub it in :-) Really though, I'm so glad you are... I just love to see what comes off those magic needles of yours!

amy h

This must be an autumn thing! I wish I were into knitting -- it's so nice and portable.


well, what else is there?


can't wait to see the final product.


delurking with a chuckle...I just said the same thing myself this morning when I sighed and thought out loud to a co-worker that I wished I could knit all day long at my desk.

Somehow I just don't think that would fly.

Are you knitting with cashmerino? looks like the exact same yarn I have on the needles right now.

Love your blog!

Carrie S.

Those needles are so tiny!

erin s

Can I send some of my half finished knitting projects your way?!


oh an evening with wine, knitting, and tv is my kind of I need to know how to knit!


I've been cutting my tags while waiting in the carpool line... but maybe by October I'll be bringing some knitting!


Dangerous stuff.


sometimes that happens, huh? and then, for me, i don't want to touch it for a month! :)


Sounds like a good way to spend the day to me! Personally, I don't knit - or crochet for that matter but any day spent doing handwork is a good day in my book!


Back to the carpool line! It's nice to have little spots in the day to spend on projects like this.
I love the new sweater in yesterday's post. Of course, it's the perfect color for you. And I can't wait to see the one that you're going to knit up for yourself.

Chara Michele

It makes me want to knit seeing your photos of you knitting! I really need to start a knitting project to work on this winter I think.


that sock yarn is yummy!


Hi, Erin! I found your blog while reading some posts on Pioneer Woman and getting linked from someone else's blog - HA! But I just love your crafts and style - they're gorgeous!

I can't help but ask since i saw the photo of you and your mother in hats at the track - were you at Derby? I'm a Louisville native and I had to smile at that photo :)

Have a fabulous day and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!


Welcome to my world ;) well, not exactly (I do have a full time job!) but if I could I would knit all day. I just love the craft. Plus, fall is the best time to knit.

What are you making? Looks lovely.

Love wine with my needles too!


A very healthy addiction:-) I love the pink/peach color next to your glass of wine;-) You are funny!!!


god that wine looks good. --can you tell marathon girl is having withdrawls? have one for me. :-)
i'm feeling the bug now - temps have dropped ... time to knit. but what to knit?


this is what i need! a portable craft. perhaps i need to revisit knitting...


Those tiny needles look hard to work with !!! Are they? Have you used your basket bag yet? Kate loves the extra one...she carries her goodies in it.


me too! with some white wine!! yay!


hi, i surfed on over from vintagechica's site, and i wanted to ask: what size knitting needles are those? i just started learning a couple months ago and i'm barely comfortable with my size fifteens using chunky yarn!! thanks :)

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